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The second you start talking about the Back Bay, the M's turn into B's as in Billions.  Keep in mind that the only solutions to the back bay are giant gates at each inlet, or a high wall along the bay.  To build a high bay wall, you need every single land owner on the bay side to sign away property rights to the government to build a high wall (likely blocking your view, or limiting access to the bay)...once you get everyone to do this, you can start finding the funding.  Then you need to start building large pumping stations to keep the rain from filling the now closed basin created by the wall, and then the City will need to maintain these in perpetuity.

Protection along the beach is relatively inexpensive and easy.  Will it stop every problem? No, but it will prevent damage in the event of a high wave event.  Not every storm will be Sandy, so some protection is definitely worthwhile.   

I'm going to have to back myself out of these online discussions soon ....but I'll say this: it's relatively inexpensive and quick to "fix" beach erosion and flood issues.  The second you start talking about back-bay flooding, the price tag escalates to beyond crazy very quickly.

I have an board shed on the side of my house...I don't put my best boards in there, but I haven't seen any issues caused by multiple winters....

I only wanted to make sure our terminology is correct, since it really matters.  Projects like this (especially in Montauk) emerge in an already complex social and political environment. 

That's not beach replenishment.  That's a temporary trench.   Like the project or not, it's easy to make in progress construction look super bad...

kinda does look different in that view......It was rearranged during Sandy, so it's possible....anyone taken a close look?

I figure, at this point, I need to treat it as a fitness goal.  This stuff is no joke crappy.....but I totally intend to go run/swim/lift/surf crazy when it's over.... :)

kicked some butt on round 7 of like kicked my butt....

As far a finding meaning in anything, a hobby is good if it's good for you-it's not so good if you eff off everyone and everything along the way.  Finnegan clearly struck a balance with meaningful work and long periods being away from surf.  He also withnessed a profound transformation in surfing and crowds, and I'm not sure anyone who surfed California and Hawaii in the "golden age" could ever not fall victim to a bit of nostalgia for the old days.

I felt the melancholy stemmed from the aknowledgement of aging and the inability to totally charge like youth. 

+14 is measured from the North American Vertical Datum of's not tied into tidal bench marks or water levels.  Your house probably sits on sand around +8-12.....

I was told that the new boardwalk was built much higher than +10 and the dune will be a bit lower than the boardwalk....

it's all on the web, you just need to google it.....

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