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I've lost 10 lbs in the last year or standard board size (with wetsuit) has been 6'3" 19.5" 2.5".........should I be shaving some volume off?  Does 10 lbs really make a difference?  I suspect that it does not, and this is all in my head....

I learned to surf a long time about (in the eighties!!)....but only recently have I have the sneaking suspicion that I'm surfing backwards.....I'm somewhat left footed (and left handed) but surf regularfooted.....I snowboard equally regular and goofy.....
Am I crazy or could I try to relearn the other way around......?  I want to really kick the tail out with my power leg...
Ideas? Thoughts?  Let me have it

So I've been working on this little project for the last should come out on Saturday at Fontanas in the LES to see this event.....
 The New York Band Draft is a musicianís social event that combines elements of Fantasy Football with your typical Battle of the Bands to encourage the creation of new friendships and new music. Hereís how itís done: 
  1)   We gathered musicians from an extended network of friends  2)   We created statistics slides for each musician, similar to those of NFL stats  3)   We chose captains to study these musicians and assemble their dream teams according to one very important ruleŗNo team shall contain players who are currently in musical projects together  4)   Teams were given 30 days to write two original pieces and chose one cover song to perform at the NYBD Super Bowl Event.    It's actually much harder and more fun than it seems

Check out the link and vote for the best band name!  My band is called The Hardcore Jollies, but the rest of the names are even worse.....

check this video....and imagine the other sewer outfalls around NYC.....pretty darn gross...

Check it out:

you can check out my favorite stat: volume.  

I've been reverse engineering my favorite boards in and I'm focusing on a volume that I feel most comfortable with....I'm 165 lbs and I like having about 30-34L of volume...

I need a side fin box.....mine actually broke today..... :'(   

I've been following the latest fad of teen sailors attempting to sail around the world.....
This not good news: a 16 year old female sailor Abby Sunderland has activated her life raft EPIRB becon in 25 foot seas in the Reunion Islands area.  The nearest ship in 400 miles away.  I hope they can rescue her!!!!

1998 VW Golf GL Automatic 4 doors.  138,000 miles.  Roof Racks.  Timing belt was changed at 90K, new breaks, new front axles ($400), new bearings, new tires ($300), new exhaust ($300).  The paint job and body is dinged up, but it runs great!  I was going to keep it for a while, but got a new car.  A perfect car to park on the street or at the beach.  Fits lots of stuff in the hatchback with the seats folded down.  A few "gremlins" since it is a 1998, case in point, the passenger door sometimes sticks closed.

Summer and Fall were pretty damn good this year.  I've got some great mental images stored up.  Winter, you have alot to live up to!  ;D

I picked up this new board from Natures Shapes last week.  Great custom work and super quick turn around.  Highly recommended.  The board is 6'3" 19.5" wide and 2.5" thick.  I'm 165-170 5'10".  Took the board out yesterday for the first time and it worked great, handled the wind and chop, and paddled nicely.

there has been lots of fun waves for the last few months, so I'm not exactly wave starved....BUT with the short days and lots of work to do, these midweek clean groundswells bring out the TDR stress....... :(   It's hard to get a morning or evening session with my schedule.....
It's great to have a job, and a job I love, nonetheless....

this is so odd, it might actually work!!?  This seriously has to be a joke!

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