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It's not to late to start taking pictures for the "Zombies of Rockaway 2013 Calendar"

John John at the buzzer!
That was a good heat to catch!!!!

It's funny we are all fine taking an imaginary trip through geographic space, but we are splitting hairs about our imaginary locomotion techniques!  ;)     

I remember my first board in junior high (I was a late starter too!).  We had just moved close to the beach in Florida.  Ironically, we had just moved from California, where I only boogieboarded, but desperately wanted to learn how to surf.  My parents wouldn't front me the money, so I had to save up for a used board over a few months of cutting grass and other chores.  I actually still have a Surfing Magazine calendar from the that year.  I kept a log of the money I had made on the calendar, and I even "forecasted" when I'd have enough money with "buy a board today?" scribbled in.  Eventually, I did have enough funding, and I found a great used board on the racks (at Hixon's Surf Shop, Neptune Beach, FL) with killer green rails.  By the time I rode my bike home to get my sweaty cash, the board had been sold!  I eventually got another great surfboard, but I still keep wishing I had got that one with the green rails.....perhaps, I'll have to custom order one.... :)