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I hope it's crowded in the line up and on the beach, filled with lots of drunk happy people sunburned filled with bbq and tacos listening to bands....

is that why those old wetsuits are called "beaver tails"?      :o

The Recovery Room / Re: People are good.
« on: November 30, 2012, 12:02:55 PM »
I think it was day 3 or 4 when I couldn't deal anymore and I walked down to the beach and let it all out for a while....

The Recovery Room / Re: Army Corps of Engineers -- LB, Rock
« on: November 28, 2012, 10:06:48 AM »

"the plan in LB that was on the table would not have helped during Sandy"

I would have taken that plan in Rockaway in front of my house....


have a great birthday!  Thanks a ton also!!

pee in it?
 :)  sorry

several factors:
1) remember that true hipsters have to hate hipsters
2) I'm too old to tell the difference between "hipsters" and other college aged kid cliques
3) Get off my lawn!
4) I sorta miss the days when seeing a band in rockaway was a

Bacon sounds like Ebeenezer Scrooge after the three ghosts visited....
Did the ghosts of surfing past present and future visit you over the weekend?   :)

eff you all, the best and only Hollywood surf movie needed is "North Shore"  :)

It was nice out and and I saw how far SeaCliff went  :) , so I did 8.6M downdown to the Intrepid and back on the west side.

lots of folks also are teachers and public servants and whatnot, who pretty much spend the entire workday dealing with underserved youth. 

It's still pretty much a zombie wasteland in the winter, unless there is a really good swell and some decent weather..... :)

gonna need a rockstock mermaid parade next year...

Well, it seems that not too long ago you could meet with and talk with just about everyone that surfed at rockaway.  Now, there are many new subsets and different tribes, so it's not as insular as before.  Obviously, this is a beach with a subway to one of the biggest cities in the world, so it going to be a bit crazy at times.  I'm going to just surf this wave right now, and be positive about it.   I pretty much assume I'm not going to do much real "jock" surfing in the summer unless there is some tropical energy out there, and if there is, it will self-regulate most folks anyway.  Like most beaches everywhere, memorial day takes away your private beach, and labor day gives it back.

The Rockaway to Long Beach Surf Connection / Re: Rockabus
« on: June 06, 2012, 01:05:30 PM »
All and all, I find it very hard to bring the hate in the summer, I pretty much assume the beach will be overrun with folks.  It's a beach-enjoy it for what it is.