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one of the many COVID birthdays in March!!  glad to be around for another year  :)

his secret identity might be revealed......also, I'm jones'n for one of those fishy twin fins with the third fin box.....I'll bet they are fun!


5'10" GH quad fish with speed dialers for most days

6'7" GH bonzer 5 for the big drift thick wetsuit days

a beach cruiser will set you free (in NYC at least)...I'm too lazy to go anywhere but the end of my street, so I shouldn't complain too much.  I think most people stick to the same spots so they can get cool photos taken of themselves...

crap Sea Cliff.....get well soon!...That heat stroke 5K was the only 5K I ever ran.  I was fast, but I'm not nearly as fast as I used to be.  I just got back from running at lunchtime, and with the heat and humidity, I might not run outside again this week.....

Bacon:  I thought your boards fit in the overhead compartment?  ;)

Raise every house you can, the coast should be amphibious.  I think we all agree with that.

I only wanted to make sure our terminology is correct, since it really matters.  Projects like this (especially in Montauk) emerge in an already complex social and political environment. 

So folks, what happens when there are 12 more rock groins west of the NSSS? 

Does anyone ever quit surfing, even if they don't surf anymore?

You need more volume.   Get as much volume as you can duckdive regularly in a decent swell.  If you are looking at pro potato chip boards it's hard to believe this is true, but it is.  Get a bigger board and see how it works, then you can back down in size to find the sweet spot.