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Living near the beach costs more and you are in the heart of the flood zone but these are the trade offs for a lot more water time. I wonder about my neighbors that have zero interest in the water, don't boat, fish or even really like the beach.

About as much fun as I've had all summer capped off with a nice sunset. Score one for 9-5 crowd  8)

I just got the Ed Mangano phone call saying we're looking at a 2-4 foot surge which would not be the end of the world if it holds.

Empire marina in Island Park rents them and sups, they are right on the bay and not far from Queens.

I missed yesterday but this mornings leftovers were insanely fun and by the looks of those pics a bit smaller.

Its a safe island with really mellow locals so you can't go wrong with whichever beach is working. Even the sidewalk pharmacists are discrete and not too pushy. Driving on the left takes some getting use to but a rental and softracks is recommended and the island is small enough to go wherever the forecast points to. My friend rented from dread or dead and they had a good selection and drill hall/brandon's down the road is worth checking. The fish fry which I believe is every friday is worth checking out for dinner. Oh and for some reason camouflage is illegal there. Have fun

Scored a post Giants/Yankee game session and it was better than it looked from the beach. All around pretty good day  8)

All in all its been a good summer. A few good swells and near perfect weather  ;D

Tonight was fun as hell in western li not quite a glass off but it cleaned up nicely before sunset. Best session of the summer for me  ;D

As my ma would say this is why we can't have anything nice. Goodonya waterboy that is one hell of a nice boardwalk not to mention the $43 mil price tag.

Nah I hear that old soul and a hurricane swell that delivers and stays out of my living room would be nice.

I remember the after work session on 9/10/01 as being super fun, head high and just about perfectly clean and waking up the next morning to perfect weather knowing an even better session was in store. And then the world as we know it changed and by the time I made it home I couldn't stop starring at the television with surfing being the furthest thing from my mind. I truly miss the pre 9/11 world.

Yup no help from the Lions today but at least they went down swinging. We still would have needed the Vikes and Cowboys to lose. 9-7 and missing the playoffs by a game the year after a title-things could be worse. The playoffs start tonight in nfc east, should be a sick game.

C'mon, whats more exciting then a late 3rd period goal in a tight playoff game where both goaltenders are standing on their heads making insane save after insane save? Overtime in the NHL playoffs is a whole 'nother level of epicness. And for the record 3 of the 4 remaining captains are American born and raised-USA,USA,USA.

Now this is the matchup I've been waiting for and I have no doubt its going to be as epic as epic gets for the NHL second season. The agressive, relentless Devils forecheck that blew the Flyers off the ice in the 2end round vs the insanely efficent Ranger D with King Henry in his prime between the pipes. I think a bunch of games are going to overtime and the team that scores last in game 7 goes on to the Cup finals.