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That would be a terrible idea and the opposite of what Cuomo has been talking about with a coordinated regional reopening effort. 

Kelly's perfect 10 will be forever etched in my mind, what a week! Good luck this year.

Today was my funnest day of the summer so far. Waves a plenty in a spread out line up  :)

My thoughts and prayers are with those that took a beating or worse in this storm. That said this past week has been about the best week of the year for surfing around here. I didn't expect much tonight but found clean little lines, a sick sunset and a double rainbow. Hats off to the forecasters that pretty much nailed it.

God only knows what else beyond sewage is in that sand. There was a time that the ocean was pretty much used as a garbage dump.

Yet no plans for the bay side which floods every bit as bad as the ocean side? I heard a while back about the sea gate projects for the inlets but that seems really expensive and I haven't heard much about it in a while but then again I heard nothing about this project until it was under way either.

That was a great book. I recently read and really enjoyed welcome to paradise, now go to hell by Chas Smith and Swell by Liz Clark. Hell if we can't surf might as well read about surfing.

That was both fun and humbling and served as a good reminder to stay in shape while it is flat. Anyone know how the seal by the titty towers east of town made out? Poor little guy was in pretty bad shape but the NCPD we're there and from what I heard a team from Riverhead was on the way.

Anytime Rickles, if long summer sessions is your goal a short sleeve probably makes more sense but you won't be comfortable until the end of June vs early June is a L/S. July and August are warm enough to trunk it though which is why I've never owned a short sleeve.

Long sleeve for sure. It will get you in the water by June and keep you in the water for at least some of October. If all goes well you'll be asking about booties next year, good luck.

Living near the beach costs more and you are in the heart of the flood zone but these are the trade offs for a lot more water time. I wonder about my neighbors that have zero interest in the water, don't boat, fish or even really like the beach.

Now that's awesome. Those flies were freaking merciless this morning!

Hell man we haven't even gotten to October yet...

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« on: September 05, 2017, 08:53:12 PM »
Classic LB right there. Allow skateboarding or at least not break balls for the first few years on the new boardwalk then start writing tickets with no warning. 

Thanks Gert I'll be up early to see you off tomorrow.

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