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Condition is good, no trailer just the twin set.

$30 shipped. PayPal please.

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G buzz sk8, 5í8, 21.35, 2.5, 40.1 L, not the cft just regular eps. Itís getting a little tan but is otherwise on good shape with one little repaired ding on the side of the tail. $275 no fins. For $350 comes with the fins unlimited buzz quads, new condition 5.125Ē front and 4.125Ē trailers but not selling them separate... $125 thru the shop.

8track booster pocket is a cool and different board, shaper is martial crum in HI. Idea is a spoon type of concave effect off the tail, not sure how to describe the feeling except for lifty and you feel light, like running a spoon under the water if you wash dishes by hand. Board is fast and glides real well, not sure about the rest of the dimensions other than 6í5, but itís nicely foiled and has felt great for me drifting between 210 and 230 lbs. wide point is (guessing) 20.5, and itís worked well in all kinds of surf, it was good on good days here in and NJ and when I brought it home from HI, but got a little slippery when it gets real real hollow. Iíll try to update if I can get a minute later, but stringer doesnít say and I grabbed it from a custom order that I guess a guy named Russell didnít keep.
A small ding repaired on the rail about 3/4 of the way up where it bounced off my shin one day. $350 no fins.

In Toms River NJ, can meet up somewhere.

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Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Stolen board
« on: August 11, 2018, 08:51:10 AM »
Not sure buy and sell is the right section for this, but if anyone sees this board pop up for sale somewhere please get in touch.

Itís a total dog, but itís my dog. First try at shaping, and stolen out of the back of my truck last night in Toms River NJ (so dumb). Says ďNH - Wahiawa, HIĒ on the bottom stronger. Very off amateur resin swirl, slightly crooked fin box and the glassing is super rough.

Appreciate anyone keeping an eye out! Board has nothing going for it other than nostalgia.


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Cool board, just having some quiver overlap and this is the odd man out.  Would consider trades for a proper hp shortboard for a big guy. Can sell with stiletto fins and nubster if I can find that Lil fella.

6.2 - 21.5 - 2.75 - don't know volume but it's been great while I've driven the death desk from 220 lbs up to 235 and back to 215.

Long Branch NJ

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looking for one... let me know!

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