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Time for the spring board swap.  Come on down, bring you classics, longboards, retro boards and be ready to wheel and deal.  All are welcome, no fees.  Bring your surfboards and something to lay them out on and be ready to sell/trade.  Even better come with a pocket of cash and buy everything cool you see.
 Sunday, September 20th
 In front of:
 Beach House Surf Shop
 517 Main Avenue (Route 35)
 Bay Head, NJ 08742
 As always, expect plenty of longboards, vintage, retro, some shorties, etc. Some really good deals to be had.  Not just a, sell or trade!
 List of boards that might be there:
 5'10 Buttons Single Fin- Yellow/Green Acid Splash
 8'0 Anderson Bojorquez Hull with bag and flex fin
 5'11 Zippi Twin Fin Fish- Orange Acid Splash with bag
 6'8 Channin Thruster- 80's Style with 7'6 Travel Bag
 8'10 Takayama Malibu Sam shaped by Nat Young
 6'10 Takayama Scorpion
 6'8 Hobie Blackbird
 9'6 Challenger Eastern D Fin t Band
 5'6 Early 70's Challenger
 8'0 Mitsven Gypsy
 8'7 1960's Weber Mini Performer
 9'8 1960's Titan Pop Out
 9'8 1960's Lani Kai Pop Out
 7'1 Brewer Mini Gun 80's
 9'0 Stewart Redline
 9'6 Mitsven Pintail Noserider
 6'0 Hawaii Freestyle 70's Singlefin
 5'10 MTB 80's Thruster
 5'10 Surf Cruiser 80's Thruster
 7'8 CON Mini CC Pin
 9'0 Infinity Competitor
 9'6 Modern
 9'6 Jim Phillips
 7'10 Overlin 70's Single Fin
 7'6 Design 1 70's Single Fin
 5'10 Campbell Brothers Bonzer Octafish- Never ridden
 6'4 Sea Level 70's Single Fin
 9'6 COS Chingona Noserider
 7'8 Blair Big Guy
 7'2 Rusty Big Cat
 4'10" Austin Simmons
 70's Bing Bonzer
 9'4" Vintage Dusty Rhodes
 12'3" Wegener Paulownia Sunday Model
 9'10" Wegener Paulownia Signature Model
 9'7" Vintage Hansen Master

Price:  Best Offer
Send your Best Offer for this board to me either via PM on this site, or directly to my email address
(nicecds AT SYMBOL 
All offers must be received by Saturday 7/18 at midnight EST. 

Is there a price range your looking for? 

Shipped west to east in the fall.  Was easy, but pricey because I had it shipped enclosed and door to door.  Trucks drive east west constantly so it is a easy route to ship.

Contact Kathy at Rebel Yell Trucking.  972-264-3977.  Best to call her when you know all the dates and addresses and ready to go.  She is a broker, but stays on top of things for you.  Used her twice and she fixed any problems that came up.  Both times I paid the trucker cash when they drop off so you need to be there when it is received or have someone you trust receive it.  Mail a check to Kathy for her cut.  Easy breezey.

I have a safari rack that should fit a CJ or YJ (square headlight jeep) .  Not sure which one it fits.  I think it has all the parts and bolts to the windshield frame and have to drill holes behind the tail lights.  If anyone needs it, let me know.  With the older jeeps the top folds down without flipping up so the rack isn't in the way.  I think the top design changed in '96.

wait, the surfing season started already? 

Way more than I need, but less than I want. 

If anyone is coming from the Long Beach area, please PM me.  I have a 5'6" up there I need to get my hands on.  It will save me a trip.  Thanks!

Swap is this Sunday.  Here is a list of what should be there.  Of course there will be more as well.  See you all there.

5'10 1970 MTB Twin Fin
 12’3” Wegener Paulownia Sunday Model
 9’10” Wegener Paulownia Signature Model
 9’9” Vintage G&S SS Model
 5’4” Bing Puck
 4'6 Smallfaces kneeboard/spoon
 6'1" Rainbow quad fish
 6'8" Hobie Blackbird
 6'8" 1970s Challenger Single Fin
 9'3" 1960s Jacobs Stock
 9'6" Hap Jacobs 422 - Hap shaped (2 years old)
 9'6" Hap Jacobs 422 - Matt Calvani shaped
 6'2" Surf Prescriptions single fin
 10" Hap Jacobs 7 stringer - Hap shaped (10 years old?)
 7'0" Hansen 1970s single fin
 5'2" Hap Jacobs early 1970s single fin
 Andreini mini sims 5'11 really pretty
 7'0 cooperfish speedhull
 vintage bing david nuuiwiwa noserider
 5'6 Jim Phillips Twin fin
 Late 60's 9'6 Rick Surfboards
 1970's 7'6 Eastern Challenger
 Late 60's 9'6 Hobie 1970's 7'2 Design 1
 1970's 6'10 Herritage
 1970's 7'2 Herritage 
 1970's 7'2 Bunger
 late 60's 9'8 Del Cannon 
 1970 5'10 MTB with star fins
 10'2 Skip Frye
 6'2 Joel Tudor good karma
10' con competition circa 1964
 10' g and s    1967
 9'9" hansen 1963
 9'7" challenger eastern, yellow, tapered stringer 1965
 5'2" bing twin fin, green bottom
 7' 6' design one reflector
 7'6" jimmy overlin yellow

So sorry to hear that.  Bob was a great guy and will be missed.  He used to come down to the surf swaps in Bayhead and we could talk for hours. 

you know what guys, go find another in the tri-state for sale in equal condition and i'll list mine at that price. 

You have a pre-performer.  This is before the performer model where they glassed in hatchet fins, but did not yet refine the shape.  At 8'8" it is an odd length and can make it less collectable.  Also, the longboard collectable market is way down in price except for the real rare stuff.  Old balsa, guns, nolls, etc.   

Sent the rest in a PM.

thats mine.  sent you an email

careful seacliff, make sure you wash your hands. 

Time to dust off and sell those extra boards.  Plenty of boards for sale and purchase.  All are welcome, no fees.  Stay with your stuff and buy/sell/trade direct.  Please no brand new boards or items you could buy in the shop.  Once you sell something, support your local businesses and buy something.
 Sunday, September 28th - Starting around 9am-??
 In front of:
 Beach House Surf Shop
 517 Main Avenue (Route 35)
 Bay Head, NJ 08742
 As always, expect plenty of longboards, shortboards, vintage, retro, etc. Some really good deals to be had.
 Boards that should be there:
 12'3" Wegener Paulownia Sunday Model
 11'0" Clichι Glider
 9'10" Wegener Paulownia Signature Model
 6'0" Bing Swee Pea Quad
 5'11" Parrish Channel Bottom Pintail
 5'4" Bing Puck
 9'8" Phillips Small Wave Terrorist 24.5" wide X 3.5"
 10' Infinity Secret Weapon
 7' early 70s Hansen
 early 1960s Hap Jacobs
 7'0" Bahne swallowtail semi-gun
 6'8" Surfboards Hawaii Freedom model
 7'0" Hansen single
 8'9 Phil Surfboard
 6'0 Hollister Surfboard
 8'5 Hansen Mike Doyle
 6'9 Gordon & Smith Skip Frye
 8'0 Prolite Board Bag
 6'0 COS Hot Potato
 6'0 Campbell Brothers Bonzer
 6'4 COS Real Deal Fish
 7'8 Blair Big Guy Thruster
 8'4 COS Manic Moon Monster
 7'0 Bahne 70's Single Fin
 7'0 Hansen 70's Single Fin
 6'6 70s Surfboards Hawaii Freedom
 8'3 Chaize Hybrid big guy Fish
 9'0 Stewart Performance Longboard
 9'3 Jacobs 60's Log
 9'6 Jim Phillips Log
 9'6 Takayama Model T
 9'6 Mitsven Triple Stringer Noserider
 10'0 Infinity Secret Weapon
 10'6 Vito Pink Log

PM Sent.  I'll take it. 

Anyone from that area heading to Jersey any time soon? 

Edit: Got an offer for transport to NJ so I am ready to pull the trigger.  Check PMs.

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