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Stocker CON 64ish?  Unique tail block.  Standard CON fin way back past the tail.  They don't like to turn.  Have to be moving and get way back on the tail if you want to change direction.

5'10" bing dharma or a longboard

They have a better chance at catching waves on a potato chip out there, than you do on land.    With a busy schedule, I pass on below average looking days too.  Often jealous of the people with enough free time to waste on crappy days with the wrong equipment. 

I think there was an 8'6"ish used JQ at the Beach House in Bayhead, NJ. 

Give them a call to see if it is still there.  I think they are open 11-5 Fri thru Monday right now.  Will have more hours real soon. 

Usually in full swing by 9am.  People get there as early as 7:30. 


Time for the spring board swap.  Come on down, bring your classics, longboards, retro boards and be ready to wheel and deal.  All are welcome, no fees.  Bring your surfboards and something to lay them out on and be ready to sell/trade.  Even better come with a pocket of cash and buy everything cool you see.
 Sunday, May 1st
 In front of:
 Beach House Surf Shop
 517 Main Avenue (Route 35)
 Bay Head, NJ 08742
 As always, expect plenty of longboards, vintage, retro, some shorties, etc. Some really good deals to be had.  Not just a, sell or trade!
 List of boards that might be there:
 8' Anderson Bojorquez looking to trade for a long fish in the 7'-8' range
 5'4" 1970s Overlin twin fin square tail
 5'4" Tomo Firewire 5 fin
 5'6" 1970s Challenger single fin
 6'0" Campbell Brothers Bonzer 5 fin
 6'4" 1980s MTB thruster withcool 80s airbrush
 6'6" 1970s single fin - Creative Shaping Co. swallow tail stinger
 7'10" Mitsven Stinky with glassed on wood single fin
 8'0" Ricky Carroll JQ1 mini noserider
 9'6" Harbour Sano - modern - volan cloth
 9'6" 1960s Challenger Eastern 3 stick with a t-band center
 10' 1960s Weber pre-Performer with glassed on hatchet fin
 10' modern Hansen 50/50 shaped by Craig Hollingsworth
 10-6 Ricky Carroll skipper glider
 9-8 Austin soul glide
 8-6 Austin bronzer/figjam
 7-? Beat up hobie deadly flying glove
 9-6 Hansen 67ish stock10-2 Austin blunt nose
 5'8 Bahne twin fin 1970's
 9'10 Cooperfish Super Nova
 9'3 Takayama Nose Rider
 6'1 Campbell Brothers Contemporary Bonzer
 6'0 Dick Catri 70's SF
 10'6 Ricky Carroll JQ Noserider
 7'4 Design 1 70's SF
 5'4 Alaia
 5'7 Blank rough shaped
 Maybe my 9'8 Surfboards East ( still on the fence unless something really cool is around to trade)
 8'6 Tim Stamps Sultan
 9'6 Tim Stamps Javelina
 9'6 Takayama Model T
 9'6 Harbour SanO
 10'0 Harbour San0
 10'0 Bing Speed shape
 6'0 Sea Love Black Widow displacement hull
 5'10 Anderson Slide and Glide
 5'7 Mick Mackie Flex Tail
 7'10 Sea Love Lunch Box displacement hull
 9'6 Clean Ocean Surfboards Megaplug (as seen on craigslist)
 9'8 Bing Levitator Mint
 9'4" Clean Ocean Surfboards Traditionalist
 9'4" Hap Jacobs 422 single fin - about 10 years old, shaped by Hap
 10' Matador El Gato in like new condition
 6'8" Bing Vincent single fin (about 7 years old)
 10'2" 1960s Hobie9'2" Clean Ocean Surfboards 'Juice' model
 6'2 Steve Hess 80's Thruster with Freestyle Fins
 7'4 Walden Mini Mega Magic
 5'2 G&S 80's Zapper
 10' Harbour Rapier shaped by Tim Stamps
 Near new 6'4" Lost Puddle Jumper
 New 6'4" CL Flyer 2
 8'2 Stewart Funshape
 6'2 Merrick Twin Fin Fish
 9.5 Terry Martin Phil Edwards Model Custom
 7.2 Marc Andreini Vaquero
 7.0 Wayne Lynch Evolution Model shaped by Rusty
 6.10 Bill Caster Channel Bottom Thruster shaped by Hank Warner (with JP St. Pierre from Surfy Surfy)
 6.6 Al Merrick Flyer Thruster
 6.1 Andrew Kidman Single Fin Splice Channel Bottom
 5.8 Larry Mabile Ghostbuster Twinzer
 9'8"ish Bing Pig (Modern)
 9'5"ish Vintage Bing Nuuhiwa Noserider
 Ricky Carroll JQ Pig 9'8"
 Vintage Weber Performer

I remember once in a while not even being charged by a kind check in person. Ahh...those days, much like my old compact discs, are long, long gone.

I had a nice counter lady once tell me about her kids surf and bag fees suck.  In my mind I was thinking I might get a deal.  Then she charged me the full price and I gave her a look of surprise.  She simply replied, "Yeah, that's why they just rent boards when they get there".

I have one of these.  Great boards.

Gave up banking?  From the article, he was 27.  When your a kid, you just quit a job.  You don't give up flipping burgers. 

I am really disappointed with all charities at this point.  If you can't donate direct so someone, I don't give anything. 

If you have a name and APO address and you can send car packages to people overseas direct.  Used to have a buddy in active duty, but he has retired.  Would drop stuff in the mail every so often when he was over there.  Most common requests - coffee, beef jerky, chewing tobacco/dip and cigars.  Throw in a surfer mag or two as well.

If anyone have a name of someone serving overseas, PM their info and I will send something out.

Home of the free because of the brave.     

I helped get someone off the Manasquan Jetty a bunch of years back.  Sets coming from the NE and just pushing him into the

Technique was to watch the wave come in, turn back to wave, hug tight to a big rock, let the wave hit my back (without a gap between me and the rock I did not get banged around), after wave passes, make a move to another spot and do it all over again.  Got the guy out and then climbed back up.  Never take your eyes of the waves, stay low and flush to a rock when waves crash into you.  Don't get knocked into the rocks be tight to them already when the wave breaks.

Just my 2 cents.

This would include money for elevating your home even if you bought after Sandy.

It's like getting a deal on a used car because of body damage and expecting someone to fix it for you on their dollar.  If you bought post Sandy, you assumed the risk.  Leave the money for the people that lived through the storm and lost everything.

In NJ a large chunk of money is going to fund residential developments away from the carnage.  The only one making money on those are the developers themselves.  Well maybe the carpenter or painter who lost everything during the storm can make a few pennies. 

The "recovery" from this mess is an absolute joke.  At least in NJ.

What's worse, talking in the lineup or bitching on a surf forum?   

Top 3 topics on here today are whining.  I thought there were waves in NY the past few days.

a bunch of great boards will be there.  Always a good turn out.  All shapes, sizes, ages and condition.  Something for everyone.

Here are some more for the list

1.8    Handboard Company Sport Vee Bodysurfing Handboard - Big fun in a small package
 6.2    DK Swordfish Quad Fish - Moonlight glassed to last, Lokbox Speed Dialer fins
 6.6    Al Merrick Channel Islands Flyer - Versatile & trusted shortboard for home and travel
 6.8    Harbour 70's Single Fin Shortboard - An original classic, and an incredibly fun rider
 6.10  Caster/Hank Warner Channel Bottom Thruster - From JP's run of Caster boards @ Surfy Surfy.  Impeccable color work & glassing from the Moonlight crew
 7.0    Rusty Wayne Lynch Evolution Model Pointbreak Shortboard - Hard to find Wayne Lynch model for effortless down the line surfing.  Excellent condition - no dings or repairs ever.
 10' Hansen 50-50
 8' Hansen mini
 9'10 Weber Iggy Model
 9'4 Con Pig
 10' Gordie Pig
 Greg Noll 10'
 Hobie 9'6"
 Yater 9'8" (new)
 6' 6" Sunset pin shaped by "Jesus"

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