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Bunger, Farberow and Mini Magic are all gone.

Adding a 10'-0" 60s Gordie for $475 - Fair shape with some tanning on the bottom and repaired dings on the nose. I notice a small delam on the bottom near a previous repair last time I had the board out. It didn't look too bad, but I will check it again. Nice vintage rider.

Jesus- that's a hell of a quiver- what are you adding to it that is making this sale happen?


I just need to thin the quiver out a bit.  I have a few too many right now.

I am picking up another board and I have to thin out the group.  Below are boards I am selling.  I will take photos and will email them to anyone interested.  All boards are in Central, NJ and I prefer not to ship, but can meet up within reason on the east coast or ship at buyer’s expense.  I will pack for free.

1967ish 9’6” Bahne $850 – Yellow deck, red bahne logo, perfect fin.  Slight tanning and pressures on the bottom, but the board still rides great.  One area where it looks like the foam might have some shrinkage.

9’6” Anderson Josh Farberow $650  (on hold for now) - Dark green tint bottom and rails, lighter green deck.  Comes with 9” Farberow Flex Fin, probably some pressures on the deck, but I haven’t stripped the wax to check

7’-10” Bunger $250 – red panels on deck and bottom original removable blue fin that appears to have been trimmed down at some point.  Slight tan on bottom.  See photos at

7’-10” Hansen Superlight $475 – Clear with adjustable Hansen bolt thru fin.  Some pressures and dings.  Needs a little lovin, but not too bad.  I will give you a deal if you let me keep the fin.  See photos at 

7’-0” Walden Mini Magic $350 (on hold for now) - Poly signed by Steve Walden.  Fun little board with 2+1 set-up w/ o’fishl sides and cutaway center.

8’6” Hansen 50/50 Pointed Tail $550 – Nice condition with a few repaired dings and aftermarket fin glassed into original Hansen box.

9’1” Hunt Performance (might keep it, but will entertain offers) – Brand new, never waxed.  See and click on performance model.  That’s the exact board (at least looks exactly like that one)

Feel free to PM me or email me at [email protected].  I prefer not to take trades (that's how I ended up with too many boards), but it never hurts to ask me if you have something interesting.

The cooperfish boards look sick.  I hope to be able to get my hands on one in the near future.

Greg Hunt makes some great boards too.  I have a 9'6" New Dimension and 9'2" (I think) HP I picked up in a trade for a vintage board.  The New Demension is great.  Real quality boards.

I am thinking about selling the HP if anyone is interested.  It is brand new, never waxed.  If you check out and check out the HP model, the one I have is the one in the photo. 

There is some video posted on  It even includes some hula girl's back side.  Not so attractive with the goatee and afro.  Pull up your pants man!!  No one wants to see that!

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