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I have a business opportunity and need some advice from a business attorney.  The advice required is related to partnership agreements, buy-in structures, noncompete clauses, etc.  I will pay you for your time in $$, spot naming in NJ, beer, maybe a beater board, a place to crash, manual labor, etc. 

If anyone can help, please PM me. 

I just a review of documents that are being prepared by another attorney.  Nothing official.......yet.

I am helping to organize a surfboard swap/sale for vintage boards, longboards and retro shapes in Bay Head, NJ on October 13th from 10am-2pm. It will be in front of the Beach House Surf Shop, but not affiliated with the shop in any way. The have been nice enough to provide the location. There are no fees or anything and everyone is responsible to watch their own stuff. We are getting a lot of interest and should have 50 or so boards there. Bring cash, things to trade, etc. We are trying to limit it to longboard, vintage/transition boards and retro shapes. Come on down and take a look. We are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items. All deals will be made directly with the owner, we are just try to get people with similar interests in the same location. So far the list is as follows or what should be there. It all depends on who shows up. Spread the word and bring your CASH MONEY.

9’8” Weber Performer
Lopez Lightning Bolt
7’0” Surfboards Australia
8’6” Hansen Superlight
9’6” Mako
9’6” Hobie
10’ Surfboards Hawaii Noserider
9’8” Hobie
8’6” Hansen 50/50 Pointed Tail
6’6” Dusty Rhodes
El Paipo Kneeboard
9'2 1966 Hansen 50/50 Rental very nice condition/ trade for vintage noserider 9'8-10'
9'8 1966 SB Hawaii Noserider/ trade or cash
2 70's caster single fins

9’7” Cooperdesigns V2
9’0” Jacobs 422
8’0” Takayama Flow Egg
9’6” Tak Model T
10’ Bing Gold Standard
9’2” Bahne
10’ Hansen 50/50
9’ Jacobs East Coast Model
10' Cooperfish Device for trade only.
9'10 Bing Lightweight stepdeck/custom pigment. Trade or cash
9'2" Cosmic Bull
9'2" Fly Longboard
10' Hobie triple stringer shaped by Terry Martin, glassed by Moonlight
5'10" or 5'11" Brom Fish. I have one of each not sure which I'll sell yet
9'8" Cooperfish Nosedevil
9'5" Farberow 2
skip fry with a underground unlimited lam,it is 8'6" I think.
10' Hunt New Dimension

9'-6" Hunt New Dimension - $800 obo (Central, NJ)

Only ridden a handful of times with the first ding and repair out of the way so now it can be enjoyed. Deep green tint on the bottom and rails with a clear deck. Dual stinger with a fin box and glass on leash loop.  The New Dimension is a very traditional style board with weight and a real flat rocker.  Check out for more info and PM me if you are interested.

Shore Points - Jersey Surf Information / Asbury Sewage Spill!!
« on: June 05, 2007, 03:05:45 PM »
Be careful where you surf tonight.  Asbury Park sewage plant dumped 500,000 gallons of sewage from a broken pipe.  I was surfing in Bradley this AM, but so good.  Looks like I will heading a few towns south tonight.

ASBURY PARK — Signs warning people to stay out of the water are being posted on beaches from Deal to Ocean Park Avenue in Bradley Beach today as a precaution following an estimated 500,000-gallon discharge of partially treated, heavily chlorinated sewage from the Asbury Park sewage treatment plant, a health official said.

Jersey Loggers are having a contest at 7th Ave in Seaside Park this weekend.  It should be a good time for longboarders only.  Austin Surfboards from VA beach will be there with demos and the contest is a fun, team style event.  Check out

I have no connection with the Jersey Loggers, just trying to spread the word.  The more, the merrier.

I am picking up another board and I have to thin out the group.  Below are boards I am selling.  I will take photos and will email them to anyone interested.  All boards are in Central, NJ and I prefer not to ship, but can meet up within reason on the east coast or ship at buyer’s expense.  I will pack for free.

1967ish 9’6” Bahne $850 – Yellow deck, red bahne logo, perfect fin.  Slight tanning and pressures on the bottom, but the board still rides great.  One area where it looks like the foam might have some shrinkage.

9’6” Anderson Josh Farberow $650  (on hold for now) - Dark green tint bottom and rails, lighter green deck.  Comes with 9” Farberow Flex Fin, probably some pressures on the deck, but I haven’t stripped the wax to check

7’-10” Bunger $250 – red panels on deck and bottom original removable blue fin that appears to have been trimmed down at some point.  Slight tan on bottom.  See photos at

7’-10” Hansen Superlight $475 – Clear with adjustable Hansen bolt thru fin.  Some pressures and dings.  Needs a little lovin, but not too bad.  I will give you a deal if you let me keep the fin.  See photos at 

7’-0” Walden Mini Magic $350 (on hold for now) - Poly signed by Steve Walden.  Fun little board with 2+1 set-up w/ o’fishl sides and cutaway center.

8’6” Hansen 50/50 Pointed Tail $550 – Nice condition with a few repaired dings and aftermarket fin glassed into original Hansen box.

9’1” Hunt Performance (might keep it, but will entertain offers) – Brand new, never waxed.  See and click on performance model.  That’s the exact board (at least looks exactly like that one)

Feel free to PM me or email me at [email protected].  I prefer not to take trades (that's how I ended up with too many boards), but it never hurts to ask me if you have something interesting.

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