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I picked up a used board last week with plastic future fins.  Don't have a real reason why, I just don't like em. 
Anyone have a fiberglass thruster set laying around they want to unload?  Not in the loop with shortboard fins, just looking for a basic set.  If it matters, I'm around 170 lbs and the board is a 6'10" rounded pin.  I plan to use it for bigger waves and/or a travel board. 

It is the yellow and green swirl one.  Great condition. Other comets are not for sale.  Board is in Wall, NJ.  Cash and carry, no surfboard trades.  Will only take 30/31 Model A parts as trades.


Some of the boards in the photo link have already sold.  I am getting money together to build a hot rod.  time to unload boards.  Everything is in Wall, NJ.  Come and get it, bring cash. 
EDITED: 1/19/11
9’6" Hobie Ύ” Stringer, floral nose $1250 
9’6" Weber Feather Stringerless, floral nose $1250   
9’4” Hansen Stock – Orange $425 
9'4"ish wide 24"+ Vintage weber performer with orig hatchet fin.  sealed up nice by austin surfboards $850

6'0" Greg Griffin Modfish - little beat with dings repaired $275 w/ fins

wetsuits uncluding body glove 4/3, nine plus, vintage soul vest.

bunch of fins     
also, 1968 VW Squareback with tons of extra parts including rebuilt longblock that needs to be installed  $4k obo.  Need the garage space for the new ride.

Traded this board in the spring and have an extreme case of seller's remorse and want it back.  It is a yellow label 9'2" cooperdesign malibu foil pintail in clear.  The board was sold after I traded it and I hope it is still in the area.  If you know who has the board, give them my info.  I will trade board(s) or $$ to get it back.  If I can't track it down, I can always order another, but prefer my old one back.  Was minty mint when it left my hands.

I want to get trip plans lined up and ready to go.  Since it is completely flat, what else do we have to do.
Within 5 hr non-stop flight (i dont like sitting still)
Right hand lined up waves, preferrably head high plus with a barrell section (i don't like lefts)
Safe for my wife to sit on the beach by herself and read a book. (i don't like to read)
4 day weekend trip (don't like to be away from the little kids too long, they aren't invited on this trip)
Need about a weeks notice to pull the trigger and arrange for grandparents to watch the kids.
Any recommendations?  Everything I think of has me in the carribean because of my limited ability to sit still on a plane.  PR, seems like the easy choice, but i've done it a few times.  DR? California? El Salvador (pushing my flight time limit)

9’4” Hansen Stock – Orange $475

Stock Hansen shape with original glassed on speed fin.  Denser foam so board has weight.  Original orange pigment with clear slip check sprayed on nose and tail.  Hansen painted on bottom back in the day.  Some dings repaired professionally, but the character of the board was maintained.  The white pigment on both sides of fin were redone as well.

9'2" Anderson Dane Peterson diamond tail - SOLD!!!! Thinned out, diamond tail, nose concave, red tint bottom and rails, blue tiger stripe deck lengthwise.  It is now called the “diamond tail” model.  Some stress cracks in the gloss coat in front of the fin box. 

9’6ish Weber Feather Stringerless, floral nose $1750

Weber Feather - L=9'6"  N=18"  W=23.5"  T=16"  5" square tail

Original waveset fin, one open ding on deck, some original wax still on the board.  Bright white, stored indoors for many years.

9’6ish Hobie Ύ Length Stringer, floral nose $1500

Hobie - L=9'6"  N=18.25"  W=23.5"  T=17.25"  7.5" square tail

3/4 length red high density foam tapered stringer, 3/4 length deck patch, floral nose. Original fin cut down, but new repro fin made from the original hobie mold included.

8’4” skip frye single fin - SOLD
Rare underground unlimited lam, signed with signature and wings on bottom.  Super thinned out tail, volume forward in the board with a little bit of belly.  Might be considered hullish, but I still don’t know what a hull is.



9’6” Cooperfish Hornet SOLD
Original early cooperfish hornet.  Clear, thinned out, bumps and bruises, but all dings watertight ready to go.  Concave nose, slight step deck nose and tail, glassed on hornet fin. 

I have an idea and want to talk to a patent attorney about it.  First meeting on the cheap, dinner and drinks on me.  If it is worthwhile pursuing a patent, I will pay the fancy fees.
I am an engineer, so drawings and techncial data is easy breezy.  I just want to get my hat in the ring and then can start marketing my idea to investors.  Very simple idea, so I am not even sure it is patentable (if that is a word).

NJ Surfboard Swap/Sale - Sunday Sept 12th 9am-? 
The Manasquan Classic is scheduled for Sunday the 19th, so come buy a vintage log, practice on it for a week and surf the contest the following Sunday.

In front of:
Beach House Surf Shop
517 Main Avenue (Route 35)
Bay Head, NJ 08742

As always, expect plenty of longboards, vintage, retro, some shorties, etc. Some really good deals to be had.
2 Cambell brothers Bonzers
10ft Hansen Competitor - 1960s - real nice condition
9'6" 1960s stock Yater
9'10" G&S pig- early 60s
9'0" Claen Ocean Surfboards pig - 2 years old - real nice resin work
7' Weber Ski single fin - 4 years old
9'6" 3 stringer Jim Phillips - mint, ridden twice
9'6" 3 stringer Phil Edwards - late 80s, early 90s
10'2" 1960s Greg Noll slot bottom - decent condition - chopstick fin w/ lam
9'2" Anderson Dane Peterson Diamond Tail
8'4" Skip Frye Single Fin
9'6" Vintage Minty Weber Feather stringerless floral nose
9'6" Vintage Hobie Minty 3/4" length stringer tapered foam stringer, floral nose
9'2" Vintage Hansen superlight rider condition
9'6" Skip Frye K Model
9'8" clean 1966 Challenger Eastern triple stringer
9'10" 1967 Weber Performer w/original wonder bolt fin
10'6" of clean 1967 Daytona REFLEX

Beach House is kind enough to provide the location, but takes no fees, commissions, etc. All deals are made directly with the seller. Bring your gear and a blanket, board bag or something to lay it out on the concrete sidewalk and driveway. I will be providing free burgers and dogs again, but if anyone else wants to bring something to throw on the grill have at it.

Team DeskRider Headquarters - for the working NY and NJ Surfer! / ..
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Shore Points - Jersey Surf Information / Older NJ photos in APP
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Surfing at the Jersey Shore in Asbury Park Press.  Not too impressive of photos, but some are cool cuz they're old.

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