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I flew back from California in September with a dual 9'2" bag but I think I was on United.  They weighed it but no one measured length.  It was the standard bag fee $35.  Doesn't really help with your American Airlines situation but the people at the counter are usually more concerned about weight and I would be surprised if they even have a tape measure.

Either bring shortboards or roll the dice and see what happens. 


Top photoRed stripe and red fin is con competition model.
Two above have a hobie feel to them.   
Next above with the splayed stringes is a surfboards hawaii most likely stylist. 

Middle two photos are hard to tell.  I know most boards by fins outlines and its hard to tell in your photos.

Last photo board laying in the moving blankets is con wingnose.

I'm in Wall, NJ and could pick up and hold until you make it down.  Just pay him/her directly and get me their contact info.  I am right off exit 98 on GSP.  Easy on/off for pickup.

I've done it behind a boat in a lake on an old school hydrofoil chair.  When you went too high the foil came out of the water and you were completely effed.  Strapped into a heavy chair with life vest barely keeping you afloat.  Big clunky aluminum foil.

Got that hang of it after a little while and it was fun, but never had the urge to do it again.

abs pressures? 

PM sent.

edit:  paypal sent too.  SOLD.

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Re: Freebie log
« on: January 25, 2017, 11:47:03 AM »
what are the dims?  how many liters?  what's the weight in grams?  what's the glassing schedule? can you send me 5 separate photos of the nose, tail, outline and rocker under different light conditions with at least one photo in the rain and one taken left handed?  are the rails full, round, knifey or bladey?  how's it surf in triple overhead waves?  who shaped it? what was the shaper's favorite color at the time he made it?  why ya selling?

(some of the type of emails you can get when trying to sell boards)

I will try that, but-- the screw is very stripped, like very hard to get any grab whatso ever.
I am thinking I may try that spray and use a little plumbers putty to get the head of the screw filled out.
We shall see!

Oooh.   The head is stripped.  Take a dremel tool with cutoff wheel and groove the screw head to make a better contact point.
Re-Slotting a Screw: Dremel Rotary Tool 

I wouldn't put any super glue near anything that is stuck.  Find an autoparts store and pick up a can of PB Blaster.  Kroil is another one that works great, but you can't ever find it. 

Spray it to get into the threads and let it sit for a while.  Keep spraying it ever other day and just let it sit.  Take the screw driver, put in the head and tap the top with a hammer.  Sometimes the jarring will break the threads free.  Can't hit it too hard or you will damage the fin box.

There is also a Impact Driver thing you can use to get old screws out.  I use it on cars, but wouldn't use on boards until a last resort.  When you hit it with a hammer, it spins the screw driver head to loosen.

Drilling and tapping should be a last resort.  It will be very hard to drill through the center of a flathead screw.  If the drill walks you are done. 

I'm between 175 and 180 depending when I last ate.  Only use the diamond fish in 3/2 wetsuit or less.  Would have to get a bigger one for winter gear or start eating salads. 

I have a 5'9" regular diamond fish and it is my go to board in waist and lined up to slighly overhead.  I like it better as a tri and it holds surprisingly well in bigger stuff.  Board is a little on the small side for me if the waves don't have push and when it gets bigger I reach for something with a little more length.  Board is getting beat up and I will be ordering a replacement soon.   Will get the exact same thing.

Never surfed the 3df, but figured a diamond fish review is better than nuttin.

Time for the fall board swap.  Come on down, bring your classics, longboards, retro boards and be ready to wheel and deal.  All are welcome, no fees.  Bring your surfboards and something to lay them out on and be ready to sell/trade.  Even better, come with a pocket of cash and buy everything cool you see.
 Sunday, October 2nd 9am-5pm
 In front of:
 Beach House Surf Shop
 517 Main Avenue (Route 35)
 Bay Head, NJ 08742
 As always, expect plenty of longboards, vintage, retro, some shorties, etc. Some really good deals to be had.  Not just a, sell or trade!
 List of boards that might be there:
 9'8" classic Hansen - Large logo, cool fin
 9'10" Rick Dru Harrison Improviser
 9'10" 3 stick G&S Stock
 7'9" Hobie Silver Bullet
 7'9" G&S Magic
 5' (?) Hobie twin fin square tail...Mickey Munoz lam
 8'6" Weber Performer mini
 9'6" 3 stick...t-band center stick...Challenger Eastern
 8'0" Bing Collector 5 fin...modern board in great shape
 7'6" Hansen 50-50 Mini
 7' Surf Jet V-Bottom w/ Acid Splash
 80's Lightning Bolt by Randy Rarrick
 7'8" WRV 70's Single Fin
 60's Surfboards Australia V-Bottom.
 10' Jon Wegner Model A
 10' 60's Hansen Red Fin
 9'  Bing PTLW
 9'10" Wegener Paulownia Signature Model
 8'10?" Vintage Hansen Pointed Tail Vee Bottom
 9'0" Kingdom Epoxy HP Longboard
 6'2?" Tudor Egg
 Nature Shapes Autographed surfboard from first SEA Paddle.
 9'2 Clean Ocean Surfboards Pintail Chingona
 5'6 Clean Ocean Surfboards Twin Fin (still on the fence)
 7'4 Design 1 70's Singlefin
 6'6 Catri 70's Singlefin
 5'4 ish Handshaped Alaia
 8'0 Double Travel Bag

If your going to be in LBI ask these guys.  If they don't have anything, they might know someone that does. 

I am jealous of small concise quivers.  Mine is a mess and I lack self control. 

If residents are allowed to park on one side of the street are they not allowed to park on the other?   

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