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 5'11 Tom Parrish channel bottom pintail mini gun. Flatter rocker, volume up front.  2+1 with small glass on side bites. Red and faaaaaast $420 obo.  cash only, no trades.  board is in NJ.

Great board, I am just too lazy of a surfer for this board.  photos from new.  some minor repaired dings, nothing too bad.  Comes with center fin.

The Recovery Room / Re: Pardon me. But I [email protected] hate you.
« on: December 20, 2012, 06:48:47 PM »
$24 billion, $60 billion, who cares what the final number is, approve 20% of either number right now.  When they talk about "more than 2 billion spent so far" I am pretty confident that is public money only.  Homeowners need help now.  Fix the Belmar boardwalk, repave 35 from Bayhead to Seaside, put in new curbs and sidewalks in MantolokingAFTER   you help the people. 

Going on almost 2 months and some people haven't received a single insurance payment yet.  At least start to pay out policies.  What would happen if you were 2 months late on an insurance payment?

but seacliff, she is a 24 yr old female and needs our help.

 It is this Sunday.  Should be great weather.  Coffee in the AM by Harry and Beans coffee.  Lunch by Harpoon Willys.  Waves right up the street. 

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I know I am not a good enough surfer to know what dimples on my fins would do.

oh wait....know limits or no limits?

If Audrey was content, there wouldn't be a reason for a discussion. 

Interesting comments across the board.

Overall, I think we all have it a lot better than we think.  It could be better, but it could be a lot worse. 

I don't understand the tax rate debate.  People with more income start at a higher tax rate but then are able to claim a boatload of deductions so they are taxed less.  They still pay significantly more total dollars in taxes, but it ends up being a lower percentage.  I would love a flat tax rate with no deductions, but that would be completely unfair.  Only real answer there is to change the deductions and close loopholes. 

If they fix all the tax code issues, do you think by someone else paying more, you will pay less?  Or will the government just find a way to spend more money?

1 group was like eh, no surf contest? We're out.

sounds like that group was a bunch of surfers. 

i started going short and fat this spring.  down to 5'10's and the boards fit in smaller places and work well.  much easier to carry too when you are carrying stuff with the kiddos. 

highly recommend the roberts diamond fish when waves have some size/push and a bing dharma if it is smaller.  I don't think the dharma will work well in head high plus, but haven't had it out in that yet. 

I used to surf over there a lot too.  Based on the lack of waves yesterday, sounds like it could have been a slip/fall or some type of medical condition.   

Sucks, especially if he left a family behind.  These things always happen when no one is around.  Keep an eye on each other while we are out there.  We all complain about crowds, but if someone else was there and saw him go down, it probably wouldn't make the news.