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Maybe Cuomo will open the beaches just to engage in his favorite sport: Poking Deblasio in the eye.

On a related note, I surfed for the first time since October today, and I must say ...I enjoyed the brown trout out of it.

I have some mixed feelings about surfing right now, but I think if one is a competent surfer and can get to the water while staying away from people then go for it.  Exercise is good.


If you're a kook, this is not a good time to get injured and end up in an emergency room (infection risk, and taking resources away from more important things), or to get yourself in trouble and need someone else to rescue you.

Its also not time to pile in a car with a bunch of buddies and head to a break (unless you've been been living together and isolating for a couple of weeks). Last week, my wife told me she saw a carload of douchebags roll up and hit the break. I'd say it would be reasonable to beat the brown trout out of them, but then there's the risk of getting infected whilst pummeling them, and the emergency room thing.

Happy birthday ! The Mrs St. Paddy's day Birthday just passed. She was supposed to be home celebrating in Ireland but the there was this little pandemic thing, and well...


15, nice.

since 1/7:

5 miles swimming, 14.5 miles running.

motivation in this weather is challenging. nothing like jumping into a cold pool when its 11 degrees outside.



since my last post (10/31/17), 76 miles swimming, 310 miles running


How awful. My condolences to his family.
Tim was the first one of this crew I met, at fleafest I or II.
NYHC indeed.

I blame Trump.

This is just the kind of frivolous nonsense that made njnjsurf great.


Funny you should mention thorium. Did you know that Thorium was identified in 1828 by the Swedish chemist Jöns Jakob Berzelius ?

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