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How awful. My condolences to his family.
Tim was the first one of this crew I met, at fleafest I or II.
NYHC indeed.

This is just the kind of frivolous nonsense that made njnjsurf great.


I don't suppose you noticed if it has retractable trim nifters ?

Dr. Ticker in lynbrook and merrick. He did my wife's shoulder

I would think he'd be a cardiologist.

Badum-bum, psshhhht.

allrightee then !
since my last post (12/13) I've swum 20 miles, run 39.2 miles outside, and 27 on the treadmill (but I won't count the treadmill miles, as determined by the NYNJ sports commission)


Personally, I've never had trouble getting my booties on. But if I did, I was honestly wondering if a pair of thin wool socks would work and keep you a little warmer as well...wool still retaining its insulating properties when wet, and all. And if so, I'd be happy to do that rather than shell out money for some revolutioinary new surf invention.

My feelings about the meaningless dead-endedness of "interning" for such a company whose representative started this thread aside (and which I think were hardly apparent from the sarcasm in my comment), I wish them nothing but success in their noble endeavor.

If you think that's tantamount to trolling, and is so terrible, so be it...

...and, me.