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In case anyone didn't get the nerd humor:

Crap! And the spammer is passing the Turing Test...

From an interview with Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini:

"We have more people in the system using health care. So if you have coverage you are going to use it, particularly if you haven't had coverage before and have pent-up demand," the Aetna CEO explained. "Usually utilization and health care [also] pick up as the economy recovers, people get back to work and they get more coverage."

So, yes, premiums are higher. I guess the questions we have yet to answer is whether they'll go down due to an improving economy, and whether more people being covered will result in improved worker productivity and reduced burden on our social services.

Might hack it into a screensaver.



More sad than anything.

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The Internet. Love it or leave it!

Before you install anything or run out and buy anything, did you at least try and plug the external drive into the iMac? OS X has been able to read Windows formatted drives (NTFS) since Panther (10.3 if the following link is right. That would be almost 10 years of NTFS support).

OS X cannot write to NTFS (out of the box at least). If you're importing from Windows format to Mac format, you shouldn't be writing to NTFS so you should be ok.

I think he means that the tail doesn't hold when you try to steer and instead slips out from under you.

Note to self:

Launch bow-hunting + yoga retreat for Gringos in Costa Rica.

The Recovery Room / Re: D!ck dome?
« on: May 04, 2013, 02:13:20 PM »
I love jewbots!!!

Hot damn! Please tell me there's a fembot model!  ;D

I think they already remade Point Break. It was called The Fast and the Furious.

Well played, Mr. Balzsac!

Shatner will always have it.

Om nom nom nom nom...

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