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Note to self:

Launch bow-hunting + yoga retreat for Gringos in Costa Rica.

I never paid attention to surf school wisdom, so it only makes sense that the back foot gives you 90% of the momentum of the pop, and will therefore land first. Gotta be the incredible hulk in order to pop with pure arm strength.

Was the video demonstrating on longboards or shortboards?

Here's what I do on shortboards:
  • Drag body forward with arms so back foot can plant on the tail of the board
  • Continue the motion and use the strength of the back foot to thrust body up vertically
  • As body comes to standing position, swing front foot ahead of body to land in the center of the board
  • Land front foot
  • Shred
What surf schools teach on longboards seem to waste a lot of momentum: Thrust your body in the air. Pop around like you just don't care.

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