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Hey all, long time no post - been out with a hurt neck... 

Anyway, a friend (and excellent photographer) happened to be in LI during the swell and snapped some pics....



Update for future reference:
Olde Naples Surf Shop
1311 3rd Street South
239 - 262 - 1877

Really really nice folks there. About 2 blocks from the pier, easy rent and walk (so you don't have to pay the meters). As of this writing, they have 2 bics and an NSP, all are in great shape and good for the mushy windswell that you get in the gulf. Highly recommend if you're stuck here and there happens to be a few waves. Was nice to paddle around, caught a few 4ft, dolphins always in the lineup. Bring a top if you're here in the winter, the waves are all windswell, and they're best when it's howling - gets a bit chilly.

I'm probably dreaming, but does anyone know of anywhere close to Naples (or in Naples) to rent a board? I'm stuck here for a while + it looks like there might be a little something to surf for once this weekend, so I'd like to have a little paddle around + maybe throw my little brothers in the drink.
Anyone? (no time to hit the alley and back, so east side pickup is out...)

Thanks, and happy thanksgiving to all!

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Re: iphone 3g
« on: August 28, 2008, 10:07:22 AM »
thats the future...ever see minority report?

If it's the future, they better improve it somehow. Here's my take:

Touch screens are GREAT for menu-driven actions and for inputting short bits of info like passwords. The more "text" input you have to enter, the more touch screens become a drawback. Can you imagine trying to produce even a short report by typing on a touchscreen? I'd go out of my mind.

Supposedly, they're adding hptic feedback at some point - that will make a huge difference. As it is, it just takes a bit of getting used to where to press, even with fat thumbs. I thought I'd hate it as well, but it only took me a day or 2 to get pretty good with the thing. Oh, and playing poker with the other guys in my office on iPhones is pretty damn cool too - you can connect to anyone on the same LAN.

cute little piggy!

SC - I was there 3 yrs ago - I never caught it when it was *really* on, but every single day was surfable and even small it was fun. get up early before the wind gets on it, then spend the rest of the day touristing.... Harbor Island is a quaint old fishing village to the north, quick and cheap boat ride over (it's where all the super rich folks stay these days). Super white fine sand on the north side of Harbor (swimming, no surfing), rent a golf cart and cruise around!
We rented a house, which I highly recommend rather than a hotel, that was about 10 minutes away from surfer's beach. There was almost NO ONE around. I would share the peak with 1 other guy the entire 10 days I was there. I didn't find the wave to be tough at all, as a matter of fact it was really very gentle, you will love it.
Locals are super friendly. I really recommend throwing a line out (fish everywhere on both sides) and catching your meals. The restaurants are expensive (like any island, stuff gets imported and prices go up).
If you go there you will undoubtedly run into this guy:
Stop in and say hi. He's the local crazy ex-pat that's been there since the heyday in the 70's. He's also the guy you want to rent a board from, as I think it will be insanely expensive to bring yours along. If there is a good swell, pete can point you to any of the decent breaks as well. He also sells beer + bait/tackle (and single cigarettes if you can't afford the whole pack)
If you want, gimmie a call + I'll try to dig up more info for you. Had a great, relaxing time there, highly enjoyed it.

Really sad and horrific few days. 

I wouldn't have wanted to have been in there without my board.

I suppose it should go without saying - if you wouldn't feel comfortable in a situation without your board, you probably shouldn't be there with your board.   Leashes have a tendancy to break, especially when it gets big.

i guess we've all been there at times though...

Yeah, my point wasn't really that I couldn't swim out of it, I'm a very strong swimmer and I've pulled quite a few folks out myself, I just wouldn't have gone in there to splash around on that day. An average or below average swimmer would be hard pressed to get out of some of those currents, as witnessed by the many deaths that day. Most of them seemed like they weren't that far offshore, got knocked over and dragged. Pretty crappy way to go.


I was 3 jetties down when it happened. I find it really hard to believe there were no advisories out, the rip was frigging awful yesterday. I think they need to reassess the way they create advisories.... I wouldn't have wanted to have been in there without my board. 3 steps in the water and you practically get ripped off your feet.

I used to make those things outa colored string in summer camp. I'm a friggin genius!

Was she the last girl on the pinwheel of the Ice Stravaganza who slept with Ogie Oglethorpe?

Ha!... no. Just a majorette in the parade - she was in highschool, you perv. You can barely see her, but I still love the fact she's in there.

My wife was IN slapshot, well, just an extra at the end.... (she grew up in Johnstown)

anything simpsons
anything at 3am on cable when I can't sleep....

Johnathan Livingston Seagull.

Those little green f**ckers kept dropping in on me. Pot of gold my *ss.

Cold or not, I'm wearing booties tomorrow... I picked about 5 hunks of clamshell outa my bloody feet this morning with tweezers. Didn't even know they were there till I stepped outa bed and fell over in pain. And the damn crabs were out in full force yesterday as well. (still smilin from the stoke tho)

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