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I deleted that email in 2 seconds... So is it an automatic drop in when you see one of those black discs on the bow of someone's board?

In all seriousness, I wonder if those things will cause real fights. I doubt they'd be too accepted in places like Santa Cruz, or any protected spot...


Still needs a vote in Rio, but looks likely? And skateboarding too... Supposedly no wave pools - I wonder if that will change in the next 4 years.

Even if it's not user friendly, it's predictable, therefore you can practice until you get it... I'm sure for someone like me it'd get expensive quick though... Luckily they film every wave, so I'll have hours of wipe out reels to show my grand kids.

This is v1.0 - I'm sure adjustability etc. will come with time. And I'd guarantee after 10 years building this thing they gave it some thought. That company that went belly up a few years ago (started building their pool in florida, planned one for nyc) seemed to have a great idea with their adjustable foam reef bottom. Too bad that one never materialized past vaporware, hopefully KSWC can run with an idea like that. At this point I would guess $$ is the only thing holding any of this back, and now with a hopefully sizable infusion from WSL v2.0 will be tweaked into a fun wave for all.


Not sure what to make of this, whether it's good or bad. Unlike a lot of folks here, I would love to surf one of these waves. It would be fantastic to be able to practice in a controlled environment before going on an expensive trip. And avoid these loooooong flat crowded summer months. Or just quickly get back into surf shape after a long job, or flu (recently went through both - I could barely paddle out yesterday I'm so sick and out of shape). Don't get me wrong - the ocean is awesome, the variety of waves is awesome, sitting in the line up with friends is awesome... I don't see this as a replacement to any of that. But it will be a great addition. And will definitely produce a ton of beyond amazing surfers, for better or worse.

But WSL. I know they're just in it for the money... it's a business for crying out loud... I get it. But will they just tout these as "elite training centers" and charge a huge amount of money and only invite their little elite buddies? It sounds like it in the first paragraph. F that.

I'm pretty sure I don't even want to see a contest on it. You'd be judging moves by millimeter - that'd get old pretty damn quick. Part of the thrill of contests is the unpredictability.

Anyhow, my hope is that they build one here quick, and open it to the masses (meaning me!).

More videos up on his website. I would love one of these here in NYC...

Wow, there is nothing on their website that looks even remotely professional or thought out. An exclusive country club for surfers? Who the hell is the target audience here? Do we have to wear regulation surf shorts?

Hate to say it, but I'd be super surprised if this thing gets past a giant muddy hole in the ground. Hope I'm proved wrong...

Having said that, I for one am all for surf parks, at least the ones with technology and pricing that work...


I think he made it to the semis two years ago, thus he gets a high seed

That makes sense, didn't know he did so well. Thanks OF.

Just curious - how did Balram get a bye into the 3rd round? (I didn't see him listed in the 1st round results, unless I missed it)
That's gonna a be a tough heat against John-John... but I'm rooting for the local boy :)

Happy new year all!

Thought this was pretty funny (surfer-related payoff at the end!)

Watching the replay it looks like the water patrol got there in seconds. While it was happening and the wave covered the camera and you couldn't see Mick time absolutely stopped for me. It felt like hours before the patrol got there. So glad he's ok.

That was insane to watch - I'm still freaked out. I was up early this morning at work watching this whole thing go down. Crazy. Remember the giant shark on the inside when Taj was on a wave there a bunch of years ago? I'm surprised they haven't brought that one up.

Decided to make a run out this morning, in around 9:30... glad I did. Wind and current were blowing me down the beach, but dang were the waves fun today. Really wasn't expecting it to be that good. Looked like it cleaned up a lot during the day as well... looks like you evening folks got some great waves.

On another note... hi again all! Been out of the water for a long while with broken bones and too much work. (healed and trying to work less and surf more, if you must know). Nice to see a lot of familiar faces on the site still. So SeaCliff - is SeaCliff grom still surfing? Might have to start doing the contests again next year. Any excuse to spend a day at the beach...

Yeah, he's talking about doing more - not a surfer, but dang good photographer.

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