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Just noticed Balram is up against JJF in round 3... top 2 progress I hope?

*edit - to add to this - looks like there will be some really great waves hitting later in the week. I would be very surprised if this wasn't another Kelly/JJF show...


Still needs a vote in Rio, but looks likely? And skateboarding too... Supposedly no wave pools - I wonder if that will change in the next 4 years.


Not sure what to make of this, whether it's good or bad. Unlike a lot of folks here, I would love to surf one of these waves. It would be fantastic to be able to practice in a controlled environment before going on an expensive trip. And avoid these loooooong flat crowded summer months. Or just quickly get back into surf shape after a long job, or flu (recently went through both - I could barely paddle out yesterday I'm so sick and out of shape). Don't get me wrong - the ocean is awesome, the variety of waves is awesome, sitting in the line up with friends is awesome... I don't see this as a replacement to any of that. But it will be a great addition. And will definitely produce a ton of beyond amazing surfers, for better or worse.

But WSL. I know they're just in it for the money... it's a business for crying out loud... I get it. But will they just tout these as "elite training centers" and charge a huge amount of money and only invite their little elite buddies? It sounds like it in the first paragraph. F that.

I'm pretty sure I don't even want to see a contest on it. You'd be judging moves by millimeter - that'd get old pretty damn quick. Part of the thrill of contests is the unpredictability.

Anyhow, my hope is that they build one here quick, and open it to the masses (meaning me!).

Happy new year all!

Thought this was pretty funny (surfer-related payoff at the end!)

Hey all, long time no post - been out with a hurt neck... 

Anyway, a friend (and excellent photographer) happened to be in LI during the swell and snapped some pics....



I'm probably dreaming, but does anyone know of anywhere close to Naples (or in Naples) to rent a board? I'm stuck here for a while + it looks like there might be a little something to surf for once this weekend, so I'd like to have a little paddle around + maybe throw my little brothers in the drink.
Anyone? (no time to hit the alley and back, so east side pickup is out...)

Thanks, and happy thanksgiving to all!


I was 3 jetties down when it happened. I find it really hard to believe there were no advisories out, the rip was frigging awful yesterday. I think they need to reassess the way they create advisories.... I wouldn't have wanted to have been in there without my board. 3 steps in the water and you practically get ripped off your feet.

OK, I know this isn't optimal surf season for PR, but hey, we need to get outa town, somewhat affordable, only have a week, and need to have entertainment for the fam (wife + 6 1/2 yo daughter). So.... reccomendations of where to stay etc... I don't need to be by the ultimate surf spots, just somewhere fun that we can all enjoy. Last time I was in PR I stayed in Luquillo, which was pretty cool (wasn't surfing at the time), but I traveled the whole island and liked the other half better, so I'm assuming aguadillo is the better bet, right? We're not really posh hotel folks, we like to rent a little house/shack where we can do our own cooking etc.
Any suggestions folks, or is this really, really the wrong season to try this?


Saw these guys last night - best band I've heard in ages (then again, I don't get out that much anymore, but still...). They have this wierd hard rocking revivalist thing going that really works. They remind me a lot of the bands I used to go see in the late 80's eaqrly 90's - influences are probably swans, birthday party (nick cave did his own jesus/revivalist thing) Violent femmes (yeah, gordon went off his nut with the jesus thing too). But don't get caught up in the whole god aspect... these guys really get the whole place jumping. Munley looks like a cross between michael gira (swans) and Mark C (live skull) - freaky. Oh, and where else can you see a 3 electric banjo solo? I'm tellin ya, it works!

Go see em in Brooklyn tonight if you get a chance - you won't be disappointed!

         @ Europa
98-104 Meserole Avenue
(corner of Manhattan Avenue)
Brooklyn NY 11222

New York wins!!!!! (OK, it didn't happen... you can see why)

Fun contest. Small waves, but definitely rideable - beautiful sunny day. Nice way to spend a day.

Twizzler fish.

That's my sucker, sucker!

Where all those low scores come from.

Looks can be decieving - it was pumping TOH yesterday.

Yo, you got a problem?

Representin' the rÝck.

G'nite - long drive home....

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