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SeaCliff - that was a fantastic post. You can always tell who SeaCliff is on the beach because he brings his entire quiver every time he surfs - there will never be another session he wishes he could have back...

glasspeak - don't know if you got a board yet, but there's a HyptoKrypto in the for sale that looks like a great deal if you don't mind the ding on the bottom. Looks like perfect size for you as well...

That Con you found is really 3000 years old and has an ancient curse...

Hope you feel better soon. Sounds super painful.

Happy new year all!

Thought this was pretty funny (surfer-related payoff at the end!)

Watching the replay it looks like the water patrol got there in seconds. While it was happening and the wave covered the camera and you couldn't see Mick time absolutely stopped for me. It felt like hours before the patrol got there. So glad he's ok.

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