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Thanks a ton, Dorado. You need an affiliate link! North Seas on it's way. Hopefully warm as my ancient 6/4 - I assume the new woollybear tech makes up for a little less rubber.

Guess it doesn't matter... if things go like the last few years I'll be breaking some bones soon and be out for the season anyway...

I have a vissla 7 seas 4/3 hooded and 543 winter suit I wore last two winters . Good suit for the price . More flexible then xcel , not as sealed and def around ankles and wrists not as tight . On waves you get yard sales def issue , but overall I like the suit . Look into the north seas it's the upgraded one they dropping I hear in next few weeks

Vissla website is devoid of anything winter it looks like. Did they just run out, or do they not stock any hooded suits until winter?
5/4 hooded looks pretty nice... my 6 year old Quicksilver is about to bite the dust (pretty impressed it lasted that long, actually).

I'm not sure what I signed up for, probably the contest notifications, but I've been getting emails every day from wsl with a link to the full recap. So I've been hiding myself from all the surf websites and not looking at anyone's scores then playing it back like it was live...

The recap seems to go away after a few hours, I think when they put the heat analyzer up... but I found if you go to the first heat of each round in the heat analyzer in a web browser - and try not to look at the scores -  then click on the youtube link when the vid starts, you get the recap for that round in youtube. It seems the Analyzer just marks ins and outs in the full stream. I hate the analyzer because you see the scores, so this works pretty well if you can try not to look.

Anyhow, Toledo's double air was pretty fantastic. Jordy, Fredrico, Toledo and JJF were all killing it.

Those sharks make me wonder how many contests they ran where no one knew there were sharks in the lineup. Was easy to spot yesterday with the drone and the detection equipment (and the crystal clear water), but you have to imagine they're pretty constantly there... remember years back (2003) when one freaked out Taj and no one believed him? They didn't even stop heats back then... Here's a quote from Taj in 2007 when Lowe saw one:

Lowe spotted a shark, claiming it was a great white and we know they are out there so I was sort of freaked out, Burrow said. I think they introduced a new rule today, if you see a shark, you wave your hands in the air, point at the water and head in.
Lowe ended up winning his heat...

It's actually pretty amazing no pros got chomped in all these years... The closest was Mick, but if those sharks wanted dinner, they would have had dinner. I still remember how freaked out I was watching that live that morning...

don't go there.

Why? Just curious - ended up getting my awesome mutt in Greenpoint at a used dog fair, but thought about Northshore.

Been lucky to only ride it once, since we've had so many good days that I could ride my smaller boards. The day I rode it was waist to chest and a bit fat and it was fun. I especially liked it on the bigger steeper waves When I could surf it from the tail, but it is surfable from the front half as well. I like that it's neither super light or too heavy.
I was flying out of jfk on sunday morning, perfect view of nice sets coming in over all of LB... hopefully that was the last of my crazy town job and I can get back in the water... just in time for summer slop.
As out of shape as I am at this point, I think I'm resigned to the fact that a floaty fun shape should be my next board, but it'd be nice if it were at least a little responsive. Sounds like this is.
Thanks for the mini-review. If I see you out there I'll crash into you to test the epoxy strength.

Got a 7'6" Torq mod fun.

So TLS - ridden this yet? At the rate I'm going with work and old dudeness I'm giving something like the mod fun serious consideration. I feel like I might need something between my long board and HK. Is the 7'6 too big, does it feel ok to turn? Anything you like or hate about it?

Just noticed Balram is up against JJF in round 3... top 2 progress I hope?

*edit - to add to this - looks like there will be some really great waves hitting later in the week. I would be very surprised if this wasn't another Kelly/JJF show...


Heard it had some size at dawn but by the time we got our lazy asses down there it was waist to shoulder. Still fun as the tide dropped.

Great time of year. Still not cold but the line ups have thinned a little.

And you didn't even call... I will never forgive you. Did look nice out there, glad you got a few...

SeaCliff - that was a fantastic post. You can always tell who SeaCliff is on the beach because he brings his entire quiver every time he surfs - there will never be another session he wishes he could have back...

glasspeak - don't know if you got a board yet, but there's a HyptoKrypto in the for sale that looks like a great deal if you don't mind the ding on the bottom. Looks like perfect size for you as well...

Great article on this topic in this month's Surfing magazine which just arrived in the mail - our man Balaram Stack is on the cover, and inside the front cover he gives himself up, admitting he missed his brother's wedding for an amazing swell in Teahupoo.

And in case you were wondering what the swell looked like, Balaram put a vid up on his new Vimeo page:

25 Savage:

His bleached hair makes the waves look much bigger...

Balaram Vimeo:
(who the hell is that jumping from the train???? how do you not get arrested...)

I'm sure his brother understood...

Gowanus should set up an incredible tidal bore this weekend, but you have to be right there when it happens. Sit exactly in the center of the canal and wait, it will be worth it.

That Con you found is really 3000 years old and has an ancient curse...

Hope you feel better soon. Sounds super painful.

I was one of the num nums in a 3:2 the other day... I was in Morro Bay the day before that and it was so cold my leg cramped (had my 3:2 and winter booties). I figured it'd be safer to go with the suit in LB, but boy was I over dressed...

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