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Barely used.  Fins and leash not included.  Great board. 

Quick summary:

Perfect trip! Impossible to replicate. Went with kids and wife. Perfect weather and we shut off all electronic devices for the week.

I did not bring a board or go surf spot hunting. Jumped in a cab three mornings in a row and went to the local surf beach.

Very large selection of rental boards. No need to bring a board. Very laid back diverse crowd

Scored chest to overhead on day 1. Shoulder to head on day two and three. Weather in the 80' and only rash guard needed. Winds came up at 10 every day. 

Highlight of the trip may have been reading the entire Sunday new York times on the terrace with the ocean and palms to glance at for a break.

Awesome time!
Hoping for some helpful info.  Going to DR North coast next week.  Thinking of bringing a board.  Is it a pain to get around with a taxi.  Going with family and I am 5 minute cab ride from a good surf spot.   Wondering if I should just RENT?

Anyone hire  a surf guide there? I will be solo in the water. 
Any other suggestions or info is welcomed.


Looking for some first hand experiences/suggestions/input from those who may have done a quick 2-3 day trip to some warm waves in the winter/early spring.  I would be going solo, surf guide?  Would probably have to plan in advance, pick a weekend,  and hope for waves.  Looking for warm water/weather.  I am open to any dates between Jan-May 2015 and am an average/intermediate surfer. Puerto rico? Caribbean?


swell prediction on swell info for montauk on monday night.  you think that is accurate or just a weird computer model?

Hey now, So after keeping surfing at arms length most 2012 I g0t bit by the bug again after an unexpected good session at the end of August.  I was all to the wife,
 " I am just going to check it, the wind looks bad, the cams look weak, the buoy looks terrible, my buddy is passing, the tide is wrong, this spot never works right, I don't have any wax, I have to get up early tomorrow anyway, I am just gonna bring the board and look"

Sure enough it looked decent enough to hit it, was wayyyy better than it looked, and I surfed till dark.  That is all it took.

Anyway I had to miss this last shot of swell.  Thinking of going to jersey super early for a quick session.  Not so quick since I live in LI and have family stuff to do.

Any thoughts on if it will be worth the trip? 

I heard there was a scene over  there.  Anybody know what's up?

Great board.  Good condition. Come get it!

what do you think about the surf potential for tuesday morning?

Looking to get some for my subaru forester that already has factory cross bars.  Yakima is out because you have to buy their base system.  Looking at thule.  maybe this one or this one  Anybody have thule racks.... how is it?
Also ran across this company inno.  Here is their rack  .  Anybody have or heard of them?
Thanks for the help.

thoughts?  might gamble on the ride hoping for waist to chest.....think it will hold?

debating hard on the before work lb dawn patrol.....thoughts on if it will be worth it?

anybody got a report?

if you happen to be size 8 they were just selling 5 mil xcel booties for $3.00.

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