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Quick summary:

Perfect trip! Impossible to replicate. Went with kids and wife. Perfect weather and we shut off all electronic devices for the week.

I did not bring a board or go surf spot hunting. Jumped in a cab three mornings in a row and went to the local surf beach.

Very large selection of rental boards. No need to bring a board. Very laid back diverse crowd

Scored chest to overhead on day 1. Shoulder to head on day two and three. Weather in the 80' and only rash guard needed. Winds came up at 10 every day. 

Highlight of the trip may have been reading the entire Sunday new York times on the terrace with the ocean and palms to glance at for a break.

Awesome time!
Hoping for some helpful info.  Going to DR North coast next week.  Thinking of bringing a board.  Is it a pain to get around with a taxi.  Going with family and I am 5 minute cab ride from a good surf spot.   Wondering if I should just RENT?

Anyone hire  a surf guide there? I will be solo in the water. 
Any other suggestions or info is welcomed.

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