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Barely used.  Fins and leash not included.  Great board. 

Going to pass.   Thank you though...super nice board!

Great shots.  I sent you an email from your site. Is that the best way to get in touch with you?

Hey, I am 6'"7 225. I have a 7 foot natures shapes q82 I am looking to sell.  I think it would be perfect for you. I surfed it winter and summer....Plenty of float, nice wave catcher, and it is speedy.  Looking for a quick easy sale...under 300 for sure . Let me know if you are interested.

Quick summary:

Perfect trip! Impossible to replicate. Went with kids and wife. Perfect weather and we shut off all electronic devices for the week.

I did not bring a board or go surf spot hunting. Jumped in a cab three mornings in a row and went to the local surf beach.

Very large selection of rental boards. No need to bring a board. Very laid back diverse crowd

Scored chest to overhead on day 1. Shoulder to head on day two and three. Weather in the 80' and only rash guard needed. Winds came up at 10 every day. 

Highlight of the trip may have been reading the entire Sunday new York times on the terrace with the ocean and palms to glance at for a break.

Awesome time!
Hoping for some helpful info.  Going to DR North coast next week.  Thinking of bringing a board.  Is it a pain to get around with a taxi.  Going with family and I am 5 minute cab ride from a good surf spot.   Wondering if I should just RENT?

Anyone hire  a surf guide there? I will be solo in the water. 
Any other suggestions or info is welcomed.

Anyone think a 4 day trip to socal in the last week of December would be worth it. I would be traveling solo. Thoughts?

Solid advice, thanks.  I have done the SoCal winter trip.  It was fun but  but I spent 5+ days.  Not worth  a weekend trip IMO.

I wish I could do a midweek trip but it's not going to happen.  A surgical strike is possible though.  I have never been to PR but I hear it is very crowded.

Dominican Republic makes my ears perk up.  If I could involve the family I could make it a real trip.  I have a two young ones under 7.  Anyone every do a DR family vacay with some surf time snuck in? If I did it with the family it would most likely bee in April otherwise I guess last minute weekend solo trip anytime between Jan-May.

Snaggle....if you could pass along what guide/company you used I would appreciate it....sounds like you had a good experience.



Looking for some first hand experiences/suggestions/input from those who may have done a quick 2-3 day trip to some warm waves in the winter/early spring.  I would be going solo, surf guide?  Would probably have to plan in advance, pick a weekend,  and hope for waves.  Looking for warm water/weather.  I am open to any dates between Jan-May 2015 and am an average/intermediate surfer. Puerto rico? Caribbean?


Last year, I watched a lifeguard pull a struggling 8 year old out of a pool.  The lifeguard was right on top of the situation.  The father came over and did not say thanks, did not ask the kid if she was ok,  or even acknowledge the save.  Just grabbed the kid by the hand and walked away. Sad.

CJSUrf- that is crazy.  Would you now think twice about going in after someone?  I think I might, but in the heat of the situation who knows.

For as crowded as it was, I never felt hassled or got any bad vibes. There was one guy out who was a little dangerous, but as soon as he paddled out with his vibram five toe shoes on it was obvious that he was going to be running people over.

While it is possible there is more than one semi dangerous guy wearing vibrams......I think we were at the same spot sherwood.  He was sliding down a face, one knee down, looking like he would pearl or straighten out at any moment and all I could think was, Is he wearing sandals??

Nice waves, and vibes, until I had to leave at 8:30....thinking about a possible repeat tomorrow.

So every year I travel out to cali on a surf getaway. Very much a dirtbag surf trip live off of bread, peanut butter, roadside mangos and water. This year I was thinking about doing about 3 weeks, and may not be able to borrow a car this time around. Was thinking about 1 driving cross country making a whole trip out of it, or two flying into la renting a uhaul and sleeping in it, or a regular car and sleeping in that. Curious if you guys have any experience with this? 

2002 I surfed trestles for a bunch of days based out of  a campsite that was walking distance.  Showers on site.  Spots for tents and campers.  I would fly, rent a minivan and sleep in that or tent it.  Or go with no plan. 
Good luck

Sad.  Growing up I bought a bunch of boards and suits from Ricks.  Always seemed like a nice guy.

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