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Gets got just after the 2:15mark ;D


Awesome 5 fin bonzer mini-log with e-wing for added shreddyness.

7'8x23x 3

Malcolm shaped this for me a few years back and it is a super fun small wave ride and/ or travel log to your favorite distant pointbreak for nose-ridey goodness without lugging a bigger board.

After easy cheater 5's, step back over that e-wing and crank a no loss of acceleration bonzer cuttie back to the whitewash and then bring it back around and do it all over again.

Brought it back east last year and it has been sitting since and no intention of bringing back west again-- too many boards.

Great/like new condition- except: two sealed and waterproof but quickie uglie ding repairs on a rail that should be redone properly for esthetics and longevity at some point (see photo) and a small knick in the edge of one fin.
Board is virtually pristine except for these minor blemishes

Moonlight glassed. Peter Pinlines

$450, very little room for negotiations on this unless you want a combo deal with one of the board bags Im selling and have listed seperately.

Located in Long Beach, NY

pm for more details


good for biz... get the munchies and get right back in the drive in line :)


Mentawis Clean Up Set

clean up set from hell :o  Relentless.................... ???

Heard Colin Hay sing on A Prairie Home Companion last night and the guy just kicks a ss. Brought back lots of good memories.
Been diggin' his acoustics on the net and found this--- so funny, especially if you've spent time in Oz or around Aussies at all... guy could be a stand-up comic as well as a great singer/songwriter.

12 minutes, worth a watch :)

Colin Hay - Overkill

Im not truly sure what schadenfreude is, but I think I might have it over this jus a lil bit :D


In other health news, F- it, Im eating bacon:

Maybe you're supposed to snort it?:

105 year old throwing a Bacon Shaka!??!?!? :D

Love this guys all around set up (board and bike):
I'd probably sever my spinal cord within the first mile outta the driveway....still, a guy can dream ;D

Then this is downright bizzare:
gets weirder still at 2:35.....................

Never been: Hook a brother up, yo.....................

Thinking 2 days in the city, and 1 day rent a car and drive down the coast to wherever.
We're not planning on surfing, just cruising.

Any favorite places to eat/check out in the city or down the coast?

(Save your Castro District comments, Onefin..................!)


Time for a new cell and my verizon plan says its go time too. Had a smaller motorola droid global for 2 years, with a flip out keypad which was cool, but the phone itself wasnt that great- had to send it back once, and it has crashed a few times. It now acting all squirrly again.
I'd like a decent sized screen, do light internet usage, more emails and texting. Good battery life would be great too.
Any suggestions or phones you dig (via Verizon)?

This 6'9 was abused, almost criminally neglected, waterlogged deck, open dings, and being transported unsecured in the open bed of a pickup, rattling around with every turn and bump. I rescued it, dried it out and brought it for convalescense to the Lunchmeat home for wayward surfboards. Since the water damage had not extended to the business side of the board (bottom) and the fins were solid, I thought it a worthwhile investment to see if it can be rehabilitated. My only instructions were, dont F too much with the bottom, just patch that part. Lunchmeat cut out the soggy deck--> laminating resin--> resin with fibers ( I forget the name of that stuff)--> q-cell-->glass ( and pigment). Above and beyond he got 2 little lams from the man himself and glassed them on the deck. Took her out today and she is a point break machine, and nicely rockered, loves a late drop too. Big fins, parallel to the stinger, double foiled--- flies down the line..............! Stoked on the job he did and stoked with my "rescue fish" :)

One of the weirdest/coolest surf related things Ive seen on the interwebs:
At the height of his lowpoint, da blues brothers..err.. surf cops..drag Brian Wilson out and into the lineup.
John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd take Brian Wilson Surfing 1976 (The video's owner prevents external embedding)
Blues Brothers VS Brian Wilson (The video's owner prevents external embedding)

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