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 I have a 5'10. great boards

Man oh man. Hats off, great wave. Lucky he didn't ( I hope ) land on his board at the end, it looked as if it wasn't far from his trajectory at the end.
[email protected]$K. That take off was balls..........

I recommend you start doing a lot of yoga. With enough practice you'll gain the ability to suck on your own wang. Once you can do that, you'll forget all about surfing.

Can anyone recommend a good yoga coach? ;)

no brainer! Bring it to those Puerto Rican guys on Rivington.
please report back..

I can't speak to their wetsuits, but Patagonia is rad.  I have a buddy who has bought their stuff at thrift shops in CA and exchanged it for new items.  Their return policy is incredible and I have personally exchanged stuff for new after a few years and much wear and tear.  The last time I did this it was at the Soho shop, and the worker there who helped me was kind of irritated (he told me I was using my coat wrong) but I still walked out with a new waterproof shell. 

Were you using the coat as pants? How the Phuq could you be using a coat wrong, it's not a leather surfboard strap on?

Bro, do you even know where your expedition weight yoga pants are sourced from!?!?!? ::)
PS= thanks for the leather surf harness. Thank goodness for gold bond

I believe there's some fairly conclusive historical evidence here:

2:01 seconds of bilss, but at 0:55, lest you believe the above was an isolated incident, .................

Batman - Surfing closed!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! That looks sweet!
Whats up with that mysto left off the offshore island?

The report also illuminates where people encounter white sharks mostly between Massachusetts and New Jersey during the summer and off Florida in the winter, it says.

Like grandparents

I grew up in LBNY, and what was considered a local surfer there was very different from heavy surf cultures like California, or even what it is apparently now in NY. Im talking early 80's not 60's.
Locals were more like "regulars" than locals- many were older guys who lived in either LB or Rock and they kind of surfed each place interchangeably. Other guys were from island park, Oceanside, wherever, but they showed up all the time and hung on the boards with their coffee and generally worked their way into the lineup and social strata like everyone else. I honestly cant remember ever a time growing up surfing in LB where there was a geography division, aside from the occasional comment when a bunch of guys would show up from Jerz or wherever in mass.
Dave Juan and a lot of that crew were not from LB. I remember dave showing up when he was learning to himself in a beater car with a beater board. He was quiet and respectful and cool. Nobody cared too much that he didn't go to LBHS..
NY surfing was great back then because it was full of....New Yorkers.. we were pumped, stoked, and kinda clueless as to what "real surf culture" was like. That was a good thing. Pre-internet, kinda pre-video (at least pop out surf videos), really there was just surfer/ing mag to go off of as a cultural reference and some things we idealized while others just didn't translate well to us. I remember reading about shortboard/longboard rivalry in California and kinda didn't get it. When I was learning to surf, an old walrus (not olewalrus) at the spot down the block told me "In NY you have 2 boards. A shortboard for when its good and a longboard for the rest of the time". We all did pretty much both.
Anyway, rant over: maybe I never noticed the local thing then as I was one, or maybe the pressure was off as it was much less crowded.
Now, However, I live and surf in a place that has been known to have a lil localism.
I offer this advice:
as an experiment, try going surfing by yourself.
watch how 90% of your problems with locals don't manifest anymore.
Easy on the overt cell phone, camera, flashy board, flashy attitude, agro posturing/paddling for waves, and be competent or if not, then really really humble and respectful (without pandering) and watch how 8% more of your problems with locals disappear.
The last 2% you have no control over anyway, and if youre doing all of the above and someone still vibes/ yells/ threatens you, etc, its not you, its them and you cant do a thing about it anyway. Theres always another peak somewhere, another day, whatever.

would that be like 8 years of skim boarding all year round or just summers? ;D

20 short friggin summers from now, every kid getting reverse arieled pitted in the shorey will say "who the F was kelly slater?!?!?!:)Wacked is your job, go surfing, F these "professionals" :)
Kelly Slater/Quiksilver , what have you done for me lately?

that board is hot! 80's thrusters rock

im going to try something different, Im going to pack a noserider in shelving and chrome baskets from bed bath and beyond.  Im going to double wrap the rails in with a 84" projection screen and artwork in  poster tubes, whatever room is leftover I will cram stainless steel serving bowls, appliances, and a bunch of sharp stuff your mother always warned you to not to run with while holding.  What could go wrong?

How bout a nice rug that really ties the room together? ;D