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Very sorry to hear this. One of a kind....

 I have a 5'10. great boards

Sad news. Great old school LB surfer.
Condolences to the family

Sick Quiver! Really like the look of all of those.

That's a really good board- t'was mine at one point

"For Jerry"?
Blast from the past if so..
He had a bunch of those Doc guns. All were sweet and he ripped on those things, overized or not :)

Air BnB ;D

Classic! MikeM has good surf karma!

Man oh man. Hats off, great wave. Lucky he didn't ( I hope ) land on his board at the end, it looked as if it wasn't far from his trajectory at the end.
[email protected]$K. That take off was balls..........

awesome drop---mostly air under the board! Did he make it?

New to me only ridden once gem for indo this season
6'10 X 20.5 X 2.75 AL Byrne 6 channel

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Wow x 100....awesome! Great score.
Don't ever sell it... but if you do, I'll take it!  ;D

I've joined the mafia. I'm allowed one call per day. I'll hit you up.

Memorize the numbers. Rule #1: don't write anything down.

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