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So what did Mary Lee see on the Jersey Shore that made her swim in a circle and haul ass out of there?

I have a theory....

Mims will never paddle out after this. Where's Mims?

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1.8 miles before work on Tuesday

3.2 miles before my migraine set in today


Happy birthday, Snaggle-Rock.

I thought this had something to do with it:

2.5 miles to try and burn off the caffeine I stress-chugged on the way out of work.
Didn't help.

12070 miles

Where the hell are we?

2.45 miles
too friggin hot out by the time I got up

11242.65 miles

June 1st: Quick workout at the gym. 10 minute warm-up on the elliptical, 3 sets of 10 bench pulldowns and presses. 3 sets of 10 kickbacks. Supersets of 3 sets of 10 v-ups and squats. I feel like I did more but I don't remember. Not my best but I was in a hurry.

June 2nd: 2.45 mile run/jog/walk in 38 minutes. It was just too effing hot out.

I mentioned the lack of aid from the Red Cross to someone who was a former volunteer (I had actually had a cashier asking to collect for the red cross for sandy relief 2 days after the storm hit) and was chided. I was told that they're a charity not a government agency and aren't required to help anyone. They'll never see a dime of my money. I'd rather donate directly to people or local groups.

It's a 5K on September 28th.

I know the Gil Hodges Disease is a chronic condition but this is just over the bridge.

Is anyone doing this?

3.5 run this morning


Is anyone doing the Electric Run by Floyd Bennet/Aviator?

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