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Thank you to both posters above for filling in the gaps, solid information. It's really not as intuitive as it seems, especially if you're just trying to help out!

They make no mention of this in the article, but during my time in scouts we also learned drowning people may grab a hold of you during their panic. Maybe you're strong enough to overpower them, or you have a flotation device of some sort, but it's something to keep in mind. You may go to help only to find yourself in trouble once they almost instinctively use you to float.

I don't really remember what they told us to do to mitigate this, but like SeaCliff did you could start by letting others know what's going on so they can also assist. Maybe it's not such a problem with adults as it is for shrimpy scouts.

Good article.

Scary going through all the pictures and reports. Also feeling guilty here for riding out the storm so far away, only to see all the destruction on the news.

My thoughts go out to everyone in NJ, especially those close to the shore. I'm worried about my house, but I'm grateful everyone I have been able to contact is okay.

Is anyone aware of the status of the Spring Lake area? Quite a photo of the North pavilion from the NJ12 facebook:

I'm hoping everyone is okay out there. I haven't been able to get much done during this storm, I can't imagine what it's like for you all.

How's the water temp looking in the Monmouth country area? Would be sick to get a few waves over break if my current wetsuit will cut it.

unfortunately people are quick to sue for defamation of character so you have to be careful what you say.

Well! Uh yeah.. I got nothing else. Thanks for the honest answer from all, though. Seems crazy, but I understand this would be a legitimate reason to opt to stay out of posting mention all together. I'm not a fan of sweeping things under the rug, but it's how it goes.

Following with the new thread topic, I need to find that tosh.o video. Checked in here a day too late to see the broadcast.

Why is everything negative (drug abuse..) about surfing moderated so heavily.. even on these boards? Or was this more about not spreading some gossipy rumor, which I can understand.  :o

Easy-- keep surfing em! Or grab a longboard and carve around your neighborhood, if the waves don't cooperate.

Is anyone in the Monmouth Country/ Spring Lake area? I heard almost the entire boardwalk is destroyed. I'm up at school in VT and my parents evacuated. How bad is it looking?

well you can watch the waves all day from there HB headquarters. ;)   Not much different from sitting in a box in NYC looking at the hudson except you are further from surf.  Bet its a good gig for a new grad.

Maybe an intern.. :p

I'm in the midst of a summer job 9-5 taking away all my surfing time and it's all I've been bitching about lately. Now I only get to paddle out on the weekends with the entire state.. but at least I get to paddle out. I think I needed to read that, so thank you and keep your head up.

Not a worst but...surfers perception of surfing, "wow...really nice day today, you must have went surfing" and I usually reply with "when it's cold, wet and grey, I usually went surfing".

Oh it's a beautiful weekend and 100 degrees so every single person in New Jersey and New York will be at the beach. You surf, so you'll be there right??!! Me checking the waves.. flat. Nope, I'll enjoy the air conditioning at home. I'll see you Monday morning when it's COLD AND GREY and you're back home. ;D

And #10 definitely.. Same as dynamite said, I'm always thinking what if there's a swell.

A sad ending for one of surfing's greatest. Andy should be remembered and honored for his accomplishments, but he will also serve as a reminder of the high-risk surfing world.

Perhaps I've been out of the loop, not following surfing news too closely, but maybe this will be an opening for more transparency into some of the more negative sides of the culture. Whether the drug use ultimately contributed or not, he was clearly dealing with internal struggles for much of his life. I would hope this story leads to more surfers in general seeking help for whatever their issues may be. I can see how battling giant waves and winning competitions could lead to an unwillingness to admit to internal struggle, but psychological issues can affect anyone no matter how strong they may appear.

Trying not to ramble on, hopefully this makes a bit of sense. With all due respect, Andy's passing is a loss to the surfing community.

For reference I shoot with a DSLR and have not used a video camera near the ocean, but the care generally remains the same.

There's not much to say for the sand, other than taking general care not to place it down into anything but a sealed bag to avoid contact. The salt and the spray can be dealt with by the use of filters. Not sure what the fx7 is like, but a basic UV filter should do the trick to avoid the degradation (sp?) of any lens coatings. A polarizing filter would work to the same effect, while also cutting out the reflections on the water. Wipe off the camera with a slightly damp cloth after a day at the beach. The saltiness in the air can over time become an issue, or so they say.

Pretty basic common sense should keep the camera working fine. If it's really windy and sand/ water is all over the place, the tried and true plastic bag over the camera is the way to go! They do sell real covers that are actually made to do the job, as a more long term durable option. Check B&H or probably most photography stores.

Yeeaaaaaa i didn't surf

The thought of taking the A train a thousand stops with a 8 foot kills me all the time lol stupid zipcar didn't have cars.
why does this topic make me sad, the excitement for getting back in the water?  The desperation of finding that one item missing after a year out of the water? Or blowing off what seemed like small rideable beginner surf out of sheer laziness after drop the f bomb like you were a junky looking for a fix? Maybe its just me.

Nah I get it completely. I've been back near the ocean for two weeks now, but I've yet to get wet. When I have had a board, there have been no waves. When I don't, there's some beautiful peaks. (Tiny, but I'll take anything.) It's all that's on my mind! Waiting for the day.... waiting for the day..... waaaaaaiiiiting...

Wow, I did not know that's who Duke was.  :o Much respect for the early hours he puts in at work, while still managing to keep up with the surfcasts.

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