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The Rockaway to Long Beach Surf Connection / Re: new and need help
« on: July 27, 2016, 03:02:23 PM »
Hempstead Harbor is a great beach to learn surfing.

I was actually able to get in touch with someone from the design department at Patagonia and she sent me a swatch of the Yulex to test with. fingers crossed. They plan to start selling the Yulex material in boots and gloves for 2017.

If the sun has already risen, your late. Embrace the Dawn patrol. In spring/summer/fall, I can surf and be home for breakfast or make the LIRR to get to work (a little late) and I live 12 miles from LB.

Has anybody dealt with an allergy related to some of the chemical ingredients used to make wetsuits (Carba Mix / Thiourea)? I have been dealing with this for a number of years, the worst happening when I wear gloves and boots, and finally went to an allergist to find out what I pretty much already knew.

I am trying to plan a trip to Mal Pais in Feb. and am looking for any lodging recommendations. I am going with my wife, who doesn't surf, so I'm looking for something that's more of a step up from a surf shack.

It's NY Surf Week, they are having a bunch of contests and other stuff. That's why it looks like that.

5a till 7 this morning was still pretty good. Overall not a bad July so far.

These never get old for me. They are always funny.

oh lord!!!

A surfing forum is probably one of the only places you could open something with that subject and have it not be dirty. Obviously not including this one.

can I take it for a ride first  ;)

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Re: Garage cleaning
« on: December 02, 2014, 09:46:24 AM »
If you would like to donate them, so I can turn them into surf art, let me know.

wind direction is the bane of my existence. I find I spend most of my life either hoping it will change, or praying it will stay the same for just a little bit longer.

You better file for a patent for SurfHotPilates, before someone else does.

Just curious, is why did you pick Isabela over Rincon? I'm looking to go this winter too.

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