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Be there or be [].

3 mil gloves would have been good yesterday. Hands got used to it after a while tho'. It takes all sorts.  You can't judge a surfer by his gear. I saw a middle aged man in full winter gear on an old yellowed fun board ripping. He knew the spot like the back of his hand. Always in position for the set waves and tearing them apart. Big cutbacks all the way to the sand.

The surf industry does a good job of hiding the truth. Any real surfer knows that its a game of numbers. With every paddle out the risk increases.

Paging BoardPor........ I mean Bacon.

Checked the cam at 10:30am during my kids Birthday party and noticed that it was "Going Off".

No doubt it was a tough winter. Surfed in a couple of very cold snow storms and maybe only one day when the winds were not howling.

On the other hand I took my first dedicated surf trip to California during a week long head high swell and scored the best waves of my life!

Some regular posters to this forum featured in that video....

Looseness making a late drop and riding the wave to completion.

I would move the thickest part forward so that it is under your chest when paddling. Just sayin'.

Nice, just say no to bike storage.

Justice for the guy who drops in at 2:45.

the old saying rings true, you get what you pay for...personally I like the rip curl flash bomb over the Patagonia, just because it fits me better, and I like the feel of it better.  that said, anything Patagonia I own, I still have, the sh..t lasts, made well, using quality materials and workmanship...def worth the premium..and if it fails, they stand by it.  no questions asked.

FlashBomb might be my next winter suit. I cheaped out last time and bought the E-Bomb. I figured I didn't need my suit to dry fast.

Would gladly spend the extra $100 if it will keep me warmer.

Lois just got a ripcurl firebomb or something like that ..
She hasn't complained about it yet ..
Txt her
It seemed a much better suit then the excel lower line

I just got an excel rebel, ( they didn't have a fetlock in my size)
It's pretty amazingingly warm...

Would love to know if the FireBomb is that much warmer than the E bomb. I was cold today in mine.

Do we not live in a capitalist economy? Why do surfers get outraged by people asking high prices. If you don't want it don't buy it. No need for righteous indignation, the board will eventually find it's true price.

Save your outrage for the banks and investors that are buying up big swaths of NYC housing and pumping up housing prices.

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