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So lately I have been really enjoying my old school pig in all kinds of conditions. I took it out in head high groundswell a few weeks ago and had fun. I can take off late despite the low nose rocker because the nose is pulled and it paddles well and gets in early because there is no concave.

Problem is it is very slow and unresponsive when the waves get over chest high. Lots of belly and kick in the tail suck water over the deck which is good for noseriding but not good if you want to go fast.

Anyway I decided to make another pig but with a flatter bottom, lower rails and less tail kick. I also thinned out the nose and tail as well as reducing the thickness to 2 3/4".
 It's 4" shorter and 1/2" narrower too.

I am hoping to learn something from this experiment even it "Performance Pig" turns out to be a contradiction in terms.

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Free size 8 booties.
« on: December 23, 2008, 12:48:54 PM »
Free pair of Xcel 5mm round toe booties size 8. Half a season old.

Before you ask, I peed in them many times but washed them out thoroughly after each session.

I am on the southside of willy B.

Anyone ever wear a thermal top under a 5/4/3? The wind was cutting through my suit today and I hate to have to go back to wearing my old 6/5/4 on cold windy days. It's such a bitch to get out of.

K, I have been riding logs for most of my short surfing career. The last couple of years I have been working on cross stepping, trimming and pivot turns. Now I have this longfish that I have been riding and it's a whole new thing. I find that when I get up on a wave I don't know what I am supposed to do. It doesn't trim like a log so I feel the need to do something to get speed. Problem is when I try pumping for speed I eventually catch a rail.

Am I pumping too fast or is pumping a no go on a keel fish with low entry rocker?

I think this should be a poll but I couldn't figure out how to do a poll. Anyway, when do you decide what board you are going to ride?

A few days before the swell is supposed to hit, the night before you go or just before you leave after checking buoys, cams etc.

8'0" x 22.5" x 3 1/8" very closely modeled on a Cooperfish comet.

It is still transmitting though, check out its readings, especially water temp:

Wind Direction (WDIR):    SW ( 230 deg true )
   Wind Speed (WSPD):    29.1 kts
   Wind Gust (GST):    36.9 kts
   Wave Height (WVHT):    14.4 ft
   Dominant Wave Period (DPD):    9 sec
   Average Period (APD):    7.0 sec
   Atmospheric Pressure (PRES):    30.19 in
   Pressure Tendency (PTDY):    +0.03 in ( Rising )
   Air Temperature (ATMP):    64.8 F
   Water Temperature (WTMP):    71.8 F
   Dew Point (DEWP):    55.2 F

If Bear Stearns was trading at $150 and it fell to $2 where did the money go. Who got that money? It had to go somewhere no? Can it be that the money was never there in the first place?

Can one of you economics guys explain it to me?

Just couldn't get it wired yesterday. The waves seemed to be breaking all over the place. I got caught inside early in my session and got washed all the way in. After that I just couldn't find the right spot. As soon as I saw an outside set I would start paddling to get over it and then curse my self for not holding my position and making a late take off. Is this a matter wave knowledge or is it just a case of not enough balls on my part? I noticed NYCWO was sitting way inside and catching a ton of waves. He seemed to be able to sit right at the critical spot with out getting washed in.


One for me, one for Elk and one for Specialk.

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Driving pet peeve.
« on: July 31, 2007, 12:11:42 PM »
I hate it when people wave me on. The driving rules are there to keep everyone on the same page. It drives me nuts when I come to four way stop sign intersection and it is the other guys turn to go and he waves me on. I have already stoped man, it's your turn buddy. Don't make me break the traffic rules just ' cos you don't feel like going. Same thing when I am waiting to turn left accross oncoming traffic and some one waves me on.  It is dangerous to change the rules just 'cos you feel like it.

jscottk brought up the idea of making a stand up paddle board and I thought it might be fun to make it a group effort. I think there are a bunch of people here that would like to try the SUP thing but don't want to spend the money to buy the equipment only to find out it is not for them.

I thought I would bring it up for discussion here. This is what we talked about:

1). Pool our money and buy stuff (block of 2lb EPS, fiberglass cloth and epoxy).
2). I think jscottk said he would provide storage for the board and maybe space to shape it in.
3). We can all work on ideas for rocker and outline and I would make the templates.
4). I can provide the hotwire cutter.
5). We can ask Supreme if he wants to mow the foam.
6). We can all get involved in the glassing. (def a two man job and prolly others needed for moral support, it will be a monster).

Anyone in?

Here is a link for SUP design

I have made a couple of 9' 0" contemporary long boards and a copy of a 9' 8" old school Yater. I have noticed that on the 9' 0" boards if I  paddle for a wave and my timing is a out, no amount of paddling will get me into the wave. On the 9' 8" I find that some extra paddling will get me into the wave. It feels great to be able to catch waves that I would have to let go by on my 9' 0".

Does anyone else experiance this and if so do you think this is a function of the length of the board or the rocker?
The 9' 8" has some flip in the nose and tail but the rocker is relatively flat in the middle. The other boards have more of a performance longboard rocker.

I am thinking about making another board and kicking some ideas around in my head.

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