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Ok, so people have been telling me to look down the line when taking off, for like ................. forever.

Here is the thing, you have to look way down the line, and you have to hold your eyes there while you get to your feet. This is counter intuitive to a kook like me. I have been looking down the line and then in a last minute moment of self doubt I have been glancing back at my board to make sure it is still there and pointing in the right direction. As a result I have been ending up out on the flats doing a bottom turn while the section is breaking in front of me.

Today I got it, you have to look down the line and trust that your feet are going to find your board. Not only do your feet find your board but your rail is set and your body is facing down the line and in the direction you want to go all by the time you get to your feet.

Amazing, now i just have to work on all the other things people have been telling me, for like ........... forever.

Ok I know, with the serious flatness going on it is hard to think about ever needing a good wave board.
The thing is, I have a 6'3"R Clark blank sitting around and I already have more small wave boards than I know what to do with.

My question is this: For head high and up hollow beach break is it better to go long and thin or short and fat?

What is everyone wearing these days? My 5/4 Excel if wearing out and I feel like trying something new. I cant get Patagonia because we have moths and not just in my wallet, they have eaten all my wool sweaters.


$90 pick up in Brooklyn.

Anyone ever ride a fish with these fins rather than keels? I would love to hear how different the ride is.

I guess I am going to have to learn how to pump.

6' 1" x 20 1/4" x 2 1/4" Al Merrick made the fins this time.


In the winter, with my gloves on I am a leash kook. I am surprised how how hard it is to find the tab. If I get in trouble I want to be able to find it without fumbling around.

5'5" x 21" x 2 1/2". Took it out today and had fun. Plenty of hold on the bottom turn despite the wide tail and parallel outline. Hope I don't have to wait another three weeks to ride it again.

What's you strategy, how do you conserve your energy? Especially towards the end of your session when your arms are noodles.

Ok I have given myself a new challenge. I am going to see if I can build a board with out using fiberglass or resin.

I fully realize that I might fail in the mission but I am excited by the challenge for a few reasons. I will be saving quite a bit of time, I will also be saving money and I will also be saving weight. This thing might also be slightly less toxic than a regular board.

I know I can make a board that is strong enough but I have no idea if I can make it waterproof.

Here are the materials, two sheets EPS foam from the Home Despot, a sheet of 1/8" bending ply, some polyurethane glue and half a can of Spar varnish.

More will be revealed.

Got any pics of that blue railed single fin you were riding today? Didn't get a good look at it but it looked interesting.

I had to do some electrical work in my shop today, so I had to pull my Balsa quiver down from the rafters:


I know a lot of people on here have seen the process before, but there may be some new members that
may be interested.

Thinking about making a shortboard but................ here is the thing:

I will be 46yrs old this fall and I have only been surfing for five years and almost exclusively on logs. Not getting any younger and since this is the east coast I only get in the water about once a week if I am lucky.

I hate to say it but the fact is I am probably not going to be a "ripper" in this life time. I need something I can duckdive but it doesn't need to be high performance.

I guess I need to know if a quad is really less prone to bogging than a thruster and does a quad
set up work with a thruster rocker and foil?

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