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I'm guessing '67 or '68, right before the shortboard revolution.

She's water tight but the original fin had been ground into a weird shape so I glassed on a contemporary fin.

Located in Brooklyn.

Ok it's 4/3 time. I wore this brand new suit yesterday and it doesn't fit me as well as my Rip Curl suits.

It has been peed in exactly once but I made the coffee my self and it was 100% organic and strictly gourmet.

I have 5 white futures fin boxes, two rail and three center. Payed $52 with shipping. Selling for $30.

Made myself a groveler.

Ok you ride a log and you can catch waves. You are starting to feel like a real surfer now. At the end every wave you jump off your board and the whitewash take it shore ward until it reaches the end of your leash.

Not only does this look kooky it is dangerous for other surfers. I am typing this with my left hand because I took a longboard to the forearm trying to protect my face.

if you are confused about what to do when the wave breaks in front of you here are a few tips.

Look at the wave ahead of you and when it looks like it is going to close, kick out.

If you don't have the kick out down not to worry. When the wave breaks squat down and grab the rail. This will lower your center of gravity allowing you to ride out the white water with a firm grip on your board.

If all else fails dive on the board and grip it like a bear. You will come to a quick stop because trust me, you will no longer be "in trim"

I learned all this stuff from a surf message board and it has made me a little less of a kook.

What's the deal with mid-length eggs? Who on here rides one? I know they are very popular in San Diego but how do they go on the east coast?

Spent more time than usual driving around checking spots and waiting for the tide. Bumped into lots of peeps I hadn't seen in a long time.

More than anything now that the swell has gone I miss the anticipation.

I am toying with the idea of making a board that will be a rider but also a wall hanger. I have come up with an outline that I really like the look of but I am not sure it will work in the size I want it to.

I get the feeling single fins tend to be on the 6' and up size and I am wondering if this will work in the 5'10" range. I want to make something I can duck dive comfortably . I weigh around 140lb.

Here is the outline. I am thinking of skinning this one with paulownia and spanish cedar. Thats a blond wood and a reddy brown combination.

Just booked two days at a campsite in Big Sur for the middle of this month. Looking forward to doing a little hiking with my wife and daughter but a surf detour would be nice.

Can anyone recommend a motel near a surf spot in that neighborhood?

As I spend more and more time in the ocean with my daughter I find myself wondering how she will cope in a rip. She is becoming a strong swimmer, yesterday she swam the length of the Mccarren pool (100meters) with no problem.  I have no idea if she will panic in a rip when she sees the the beach moving away from her.

We got caught in a mild rip in Jerz last year and I was able to get her to swim out of it without actually telling her what was going on.

Coming down in size and thickness now that I am getting the hang of short boarding.

When I run I breath fairly heavily, I have heard we should run at a rate at which it is possible to talk but not to be able to sing. How does it work when swimming. I find it is a little alarming to be breathing hard when in the water. It is not like running where you can stop running if you get out of breath. If you stop swimming you drown.

Is heavy breathing while swimming distance something I need to get used to or should I reduce my pace?

6'0" x 19 3/4" x 2 1/4" Couple of repaired dings and a few heel dents. $250 with fins.

I have a 6'0" x 19 3/4" x 2 1/4" Frocket that is too big for me. Does anyone have a smaller one or a RNF that they have out grown and want to swap with mine. I know it is a long shot but worth a try.

I recently added pull ups and chin ups to my wimpy exercise routine and I have begun to experience pain around my elbow. Not when I am exersising but during the day when I reach for something in the fridge or if I lift something of the ground.

Does anyone have experiance with this or have any suggestions for exersising paddling muscles without causing damage to my aging body.

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