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4 more coming from this seqence later on.  I don't have time to post the rest right now and I can't find my album.  excuse me- I'm technologically challenged.

8'0 max.  Anyone selling one? 

total self promotion here.  2 of my photos were selected for the exhibition and will be on display from March 10- April 1.

I just uploaded a bunch from yesterday but I forgot how to link it here.  here's some- check out the rest here.

We are trying to decide where to go this winter.  We want to go somewhere fun where the girls can surf too.  Some reef breaks would be nice but we definately need sand breaks too. And vegetarian food.  And it can't be too far.  We are thinking Costa Rica- maybe Tamarindo?  Anywhere else?

Did anyone find a child's shortie and mens 3/2 on Sunday?  I think we left them on the railing in Rockaway.  They belong to Nai'a and Tattoo Adam.  If anyone picked them up please let me know.  Adam's isn't as important as Nai'a's.  The kid's suits are hard to replace and she might get a few more sessions in this year if we find it.  Thanks!

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