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I haven't flown with boards in a long time (last time was pre 9/11).

Are they going to open and search my case?  do they just ask how many boards are in it?  I'm flying on Virgin America.


enough said.

A few from Saturday afternoon

and some more here

My noserider quest is over.  thank you to everyone who looked around for me.  I didn't think it would be so hard to find, so I ended up just ordering an 8'0 Takayama NR3.  I've ridden it twice so far, but only in really bad, mushy, closeouts that sort of resembled waves.  If there is ever another offshore day with some waves, maybe I'll see just how long I can stay up there.  :)   Its the really pretty one in the middle here, with the blue rails and my name on it.  ;)

someone was shooting from the jetty at our famously overcrowded spot Friday morning with a really long white canon lens.  anyone know who it was?

I just saw the police detain a surfer and a fisherman apparently for being on the jetty.  I asked the surfer what happened, afraid that he was being arrested for surfing (NO, there are NO waves today), and he said they were just sitting there and were now being checked for warrants & stuff.  I don't know if they mouthed off to the cops or "fit the description" or anything- I got there just as they were coming onto the boardwalk.  By the way, the "keep off the jetty" sign doesn't seem to be there anymore.  :P

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Hilly Kristal, RIP
« on: August 29, 2007, 01:52:51 PM »
Wow.  One of the icons of what used to be the lower east side.

There's a new interisland passenger ferry in Hawaii.  "A dozen protesters on surfboards blocked the ship for more than an hour from docking at Kauai's Lihue harbor Sunday, but the Coast Guard cleared them away. Hundreds more protesters onshore beat drums and chanted in support of the surfers."

We're selling our house!

1br/1ba over 2 br/2ba.  Semi finished basement with laundry, cedar closet, lots of storage.  New kitchen, new windows, pergo/tile/hardwood floors, tile bathrooms.  Cathedral ceiling in upstairs bedroom.

HUGE, private, fenced in yard (about 33x100) so you can easily have 100 or so of your closest friends over for bbqs.  Storage shed in the back.  2 car driveway.

We are on the bay block of Beach 87th St., close to the surfing beach, train, shopping, all that good stuff.  Great neighbors  :).  This is NOT a new cookie cutter, McMansion type house.  $460,000.  Serious only please.

I have another incapacitating ear infection and as much as I hate them, I think I'm going to have to start wearing ear plugs.  My doctor just told me about some that have tiny holes that block the water but still allow you to hear.  He said they should be available in surf shops but I've never seen them.  He didn't know the brand.  Has anyone seen or heard of these?  I am already surfing blind, I can't be deaf too!

The Rockaway Artists Alliance show featuring visual and performance art runs from September 8th - October 7th.  Located in Ft. Tilden at the Studio 6 & 7 galleries, the outdoor sculpture garden, and the indoor and outdoor stages.   

Come to the opening reception on Sunday, September 16th, 1-3pm!  :)

finally, a reason not to move to San Diego.  well, not really, but I don't think I'd want to meet one.

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