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2 older boards for sale.  Make an offer. 

#1 is shaped by Matt Biolos and was a custom board.  6'4" x 20" x 2 1/2".  Straight from San Clemente with the eagle and flag artwork already drawn on it.  Not the prettiest board but super fun and in overall good shape.  It needs 2 very small ding repairs.

#2 is a Lost Shark.  6'10" x 20 3/4"x 2 3/4".  Also from Cali.  Good big wave board for a bigger person or a funboard for anyone.  Needs some love - the nose partially buckled and it was repaired but it needs a little more work. 

I'm in Rockaway.

Memorial and Paddle Out for Nice Guy Rich (Richard Livsey) this Saturday, 6/10 at noon. 

Beach 91st St, Rockaway Beach.

Has anyone every shipped a car to the west coast?  If so can you recommend anyone? 


A section of the toll road collapsed south of Puerto Nuevo.  Ugh, we were just on that road a few months ago.  Such a beautiful drive.

THANK YOU to everyone on 87th St- our friends, neighbors, and complete strangers who all generously helped us yesterday.  Words cannot express how grateful we are.


Firewire longboard for sale.  9'0" x 22 1/4" x 2 3/4."

more info here:

Not sure how I missed this but "the dangerous wood jetties in the surfing area on Beach 90 Street will be removed after the beach season ends."  Lets see- a major project at the main surfing beach in..... September?  Whose idea was this?

Beach, Boardwalk Fix-Up's On Track For Summer

Parks Working At Six ‘Priority Locations’
By Howard Schwach

Damage from the storm to the area between the boardwalk and Shore Front Parkway will also be repaired.With $3.8 million to spend, thanks to grants from Queens Borough President Helen Marshall and City Councilman Eric Ulrich, the city’s Department of Parks is working hard at six priority locations on the boardwalk to get its facilities up and running in time for the summer season.

A Wave reporter walked the boards with John Natoli, the agency’s chief engineer and chief of construction projects, Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski and Rockaway manager Jill Weber last week to see the work that has been completed and the continuing work of the agency.

According to Lewandowski, Marshall’s grant totaled $1.1 million and Ulrich’s $500,000. The rest will be funded by the city, she said, with a reimbursement from FEMA requested when the project is completed.
While the project is on track, the officials think that some work will have to be completed after the beach season begins at the end of this month because of supply problems.

“We removed all the damage done by Hurricane Irene,” Natoli said, “but we’re waiting for the decking to be delivered, something that might take another three or four weeks. As soon as we get the supplies, we’ll finish up,” he said.
He added that all the decking and planks come from American wood rather than from South America as in the past, and that has created something of a problem.

“The American wood is not as hard,” he said. “We need to use three planks of American wood to replace one plank of foreign wood,” he added.

The priority boardwalk repairs are being completed on Beach 91 Street, Beach 95 Street, Beach 101 Street, Beach 102 Street, Beach 107 Street and Beach 108 Street.

Contrary to past policy that called for entire sections to be repaired, this year, to save money, Parks is doing repairs piecemeal.

The agency is working as well on the parks and handball courts that adjoin the boardwalk and that were wiped out by Hurricane Irene last summer.

Weber explained that the $3.8 million worth of work is in addition to the normal work that is done each year to get the beach ready for the season.

The piles of sand on the west end, she said, would be moved to fill in the area in front of the damaged boardwalk and facing along Shore Front Parkway.

Aside from the work being done, she added, the dangerous wood jetties in the surfing area on Beach 90 Street will be removed after the beach season ends.


As much as I favor wind power, I can't help but wonder how wind farms off the coast of NYC/LI would affect our waves...

Renovated and winterized bungalow/single family home for sale.

Lots of windows, high ceilings, open kitchen/living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, decked-in back yard with garden area.

House can be drained so you don't have to heat it if you only want to use it in the summer, but it's insulated for year round living.  Must see!

Taxes are under $800/year.  Not many of these left in Rockaway...

I have the keys.   :)

Legal 2 family used as a 1 family with a semi-finished basement (read- tons of board storage).  Quick walk to the surfing beach.

Just off Jamaica Bay with nice views. 

Taxes are $1,725/year before STAR.

PM or email me.  I have keys.

Does anyone know where to get repairs done locally (for a delam)?  thanks!


We are renting out the 2 apartments in our house.  5 minutes to the surfing beach.  They are both good for a single person or couple, the 2 BR might be ok for 2 roommates but absolutely NO bungalow situations.  Come live with all the cool kids on Beach 87th St....

photos now up

10.1 mp, dust reduction, auto sensor cleaning, 9 point auto focus, 27 jpeg/10 raw continuous burst, blah blah blah.  can get more specs later.  lots of good features.  great camera- lots of stuff here that are on the pro bodies.   

Im selling body only (silver), no lenses. make me an offer. 

Come check out 3 of my prints (Ice Cream Headache, Late Morning, and Solitude #1) along with works from over 40 other artists! 

As always, its free to the public. Live performance TBA. Refreshments will be served (I remember lots of booze last year  ;) ).  The gallery is in Ft. Tilden. 

The Opening Reception is Sunday 9/14 from 1-3pm.  The show runs from 9/13 through ?  I forgot.  Will update later.

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