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2 older boards for sale.  Make an offer. 

#1 is shaped by Matt Biolos and was a custom board.  6'4" x 20" x 2 1/2".  Straight from San Clemente with the eagle and flag artwork already drawn on it.  Not the prettiest board but super fun and in overall good shape.  It needs 2 very small ding repairs.

#2 is a Lost Shark.  6'10" x 20 3/4"x 2 3/4".  Also from Cali.  Good big wave board for a bigger person or a funboard for anyone.  Needs some love - the nose partially buckled and it was repaired but it needs a little more work. 

I'm in Rockaway.

Memorial and Paddle Out for Nice Guy Rich (Richard Livsey) this Saturday, 6/10 at noon. 

Beach 91st St, Rockaway Beach.

A year and a half into a free ride to law school, I said Fuck this brown trout, I'm moving to Hawaii.  I only stayed there a few years but here I am 20 years later, still on a "leave of absence" from school and trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.  I bailed on my career, but I've never bailed on family or friends. 

I've never had much luck renting boards on surf trips.  Concept Surf Shop in Encinitas has some nice ones though and it's close to La Jolla.  Its on D Street right up from Moonlight.

I don't miss any of this.  Moved to the west coast a few months ago and the crowds here aren't half as bad as Rockaway.  I usually try to find my own spot anyway, but even when there's a crowd there is still some respect. 

Has anyone every shipped a car to the west coast?  If so can you recommend anyone? 

Somewhere in Long Beach, late 90s, on a beautiful winter day.  One of those days where the whole universe comes together and it all just worked out.  Not big, maybe shoulder high, but it was like every single wave that day was hollow and perfect.  Lots of coverups that day, even made it out of one and fell when I came out because I was all giddy and goofy and smiling.  Wow I feel old now. 

Beautiful.  Pulling off the design and construction from here must have been a challenge to say the least.  Or maybe you had to make many, many trips to oversee it.  :)  Congrats!


A section of the toll road collapsed south of Puerto Nuevo.  Ugh, we were just on that road a few months ago.  Such a beautiful drive.

You'll be fine.  I wear a 4/3 xcel infinity with a separate hood, 5 mil boots, and I think 5 mil gloves all winter.  I don't usually stay out for more than an hour or 2 but its enough unless the wind is really bad.

Very sad.  We used to live down the street from him when he was going through some troubled times.  Even then, he was always smiling and full of aloha.  What an inspiration and a great loss to everyone.  RIP. 

great find.

I think it has more to do with proportion to your body and skill than length.  My 8'0 Takayama NR3 (grom sized, like me) and 6'8ish Takayama Egg are prefect noseriders.  I think the egg is actually easier to noseride than the longboard.     

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