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Here's a very cool organization that takes toys and other baby/kid stuff in "truly excellent" or new condition for distribution to poor families.  And they're right on 21st in town.

54 West 21st Street #401  NY, NY 10010   (t) 212 620 7800   (f) 212 620 3021   [email protected]

i dont have a fish to trade, but i do have cash in hand

I like cash. where you at?

Where you at?  I couldve used this board today. uhg! my 6'0 fish wasnt doing it. way too mushy.

Manhattan. where are you?  interested?

Channel Islands MX 6'6 x 19 x 2.5 squash tail for trade.   SOLD

It's got an ultralight glass job which means the board's ultra light for those who want to fly... but also means it's got pressure dents on the deck and a couple on the bottom. OAM tailpad. small ding on corner of tail was well repaired but left a tiny spot of discoloration. patch on the bottom slightly discolored too.

Hoping to trade for a biggish retro fish or a thick and wide modern fish

or if none of that happens, I'd sell for $275

pix @[email protected]/...57602531463525/

Stories of Stoke: The Aloha Room / Re: all aboard
« on: October 11, 2006, 08:48:17 AM »
Have fun guys.  While you're doing that I'll be getting ready to give a 40 minute long lecture on how Sophocles' "Electra" is a dramatic failure in regards to Aristotle's six rules for tragedy as outlined in his essay "Poetics," and dreaming of a life that less resembles hell.  I'll also be remembering the final broken wrist that made me put my serious skating days behind me: handrail, Green Street T Stop, Boston, MA.  1998.

Seriously though, that pool is a piece of art.

Hey, man.  I grew up skating in Boston in the 80s too. I worked at Beacon Hill Skate for years and took photos and did a zine and all that. Oddly, I also did classics in high school and college and your lecture sounds pretty great.  What's your name? (or send me a PM)

Also, the Autumn bowl is super fun.  I keep it below the lip when I go (very rarely) and just have fun pumping every crazy little bit of transition for speed.  I heard Lance mountain and caballero and omar hassan were there recently.  wouldn't that have been great to see.  guy said Lance is skating better than he ever did.

Luke Walden

Thanks for the replies!  anyone got a best bet for shops to rent a board?

going with my wife for vacation, to look at the volcano, and do some hiking/camping.  hoping to score a few waves too.   any thoughts on good spots and/or good places to rent a board for a few days?  flying into Hilo, leaving from Kailua - Kona.  I've already done plenty of research, I'm just wondering if anyone has tips based on first hand experience.   Thanks.  - Luke

this music is way better than on surfline, takin me back to scrawny white kids breakin at the junior high dance...
   sick vid though no matter what music!  nice work

also, see yesterday's sunday times travel section on the north shore.... 

RD - Mao has been dead since the 70's. Whatchu talkin' bout?

did i miss a joke?'s still communist.  are you joking?

Communist in name only.  there is almost no free health care, no sharing of profits, no "iron rice bowl" anymore (the old certainty that at least the government would make sure that everyone had food ... which didn't always work anyway).  China's day to day economy on the level that individuals experience it is basically capitalist at this point.  There are still plenty of state run industries still, but if you want to make money you are allowed, even encouraged to start your own business by amassing capital using any legal means (such as loans from "overseas chinese").  You can pay your employees whatever they are willing to work for and the profits are yours to keep (although they are taxed).  This is the economic engine that is driving China's incredible economic growth - good old fashiond capitalism. 

What China still is is authoritarian.  Individuals don't officially have freedom of movement to settle in whichever part of the country they choose (although the new capitalist economy depends on huge numbers of illegal migrant laborers who come from rural areas and settle in big cites.  the massive construction boom especially depends on authorities overlooking these workers.)  There is almost no freedom of the press, or freedom of public assembly or protest, no right to organize labor, and very little official "rule of law" recourse if you are taken advantage of by the state or by a business.  The national government is run by the "Communist Party" and the very large people's assembly of representative from all the localities in the country serves only to formally approve whatever the central government decides to do.

just my understanding of the situation.


the whole album on smugmug looks great.
damn, rick kane, huh...  woah.

nice to see BB on the fish.  what's LN riding?

turn em inside out so the lube and/or ridges go on the inside, for his pleasure ...

Verizon has solid coverage (never any problems anywhere in the city, good reception at Rock (90th street anyway)) in every city in the US (and I travel to a lot of odd little places) and often out in the country too.

Most important, Verizon has good customer service.  This is critical in a cell phone provider! It's electronics and wireless technology -- inevitably there will be problems.  Verizon customer service has always been available and competent to deal with them pretty efficiently.  good stuff, I've had Verizon for 4 years.

I don't like my Samsung phone which is the most recent I've got from them.  If you go with them get a motorola.

KALANI ROBB IS SO UNDERRATED.  if you really watch the way he surfs ...he has such a unique approach to surfing...I think he rips....I like that double hand stall thing he does in the barrelll  fvckin style!

yeah the double hand stall is pretty sick

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