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Oh and let's not forget shoes. Me & Scott have to buy all new shoes. Ugh!

$14,000 for mold remediation
$3,400 new electric
$29,000 for new siding
About $8,000 for insulation
Don't know what the interior, floor, walls and the like will cost
refig, stove sinks, bed, etc etc,etc?????


I have one. It got water in it and had to send it back. They gave me a new one.

I have been going to Rock Jitsu (jiu jitsu) in Rockaway for 6 months. I   just wanted to promote it for a couple of reasons. First it's a great   sport that helps you stay in shape when there are no waves. And it's a   thinking sport. Not just running on a treadmill. It takes strategy and   skill. I have always been a lone sport kind of person, surfing, yoga,   gymnastics, diving. So when I started in martial arts I found it so   strange. And especially jiu jitsu where you get quite intimate with your   training partner. Like wresting. But the one thing it helped me with   which no other sport had was how to work with other people. What is the   energy of the other person? How can I use their energy most effectively.   And quite honestly without the other person you can't even do this   sport. So it taught me that you have to be nice to your opponent or they   won't want to train with you. Seems simple, but honestly being a bit of   a loner and not ever wanting to ask people for help with anything - it   has helped me grow as a person.
  The other reason I want to promote this place is that it gave me a sense   of home. I would work in Manhattan all day, work out and come home to   Rockaway to go to bed and hopefully wake up to a wave or two once in   awhile. But since I started going to Rock Jitsu it gave me a reason to   come home and meet more people in my community. And it's all kinds of   people. You all know I'm over 40 years old and I'm doing this so anybody   can do this. I train with housewives, ex-cops, firefighters, kids,   teenage wrestlers, bartenders. Everyone! It's awesome and I am so happy I   joined.
  Finally, if we want this kind of stuff to continue in Rockaway we have to support it so join. You won't regret it!

Agree, one of the best surf sessions I've had in a long time.

            What about this?

Boarding School
            [/color][/size]              Surfing in Chelsea. Sort Of.          [/font]           
_ height=25
UD - SurfSET[/t][/t][/t][/t][/t][/t]
Fifty-seven leftover sandwiches, four days.
   Stand up and take a bow. That’s an incredible performance.
   But now comes the tricky part: recovery.
   Our advice: skip the gym and try the waters just off Kauai.
   Well, almost.
   Introducing SurfSET, an alternative workout program that takes place entirely atop a beached   longboard, accepting class reservations now for their pop-up Chelsea location.
   If you were up for the part of Patrick Swayze’s reckless, presumed-to-be-dead fraternal twin in Point   Break 2, this would be the class you’d use to prepare for the role. And work in your stunt   mullet.

The idea here: translate the moves a surfer does on the open water to dry land (“studies” show that when   you eliminate the looming threat of Portuguese man-of-wars, you build lean muscle mass faster). The secret:   a specially designed board that mimics the feeling of riding the perfect wave. Only with 100% less   undertow.
   Each class is led by an instructor (yes, she looks like an extra from Blue Crush) who’ll school   you in how to pop up, duck dive, water walk, carve and shark kick (okay, that last one you’re already   pretty well versed in). After 40 minutes’ worth of surf-inspired interval training under a ceiling of   surf-inspired projected movies, the lights will be dimmed, the pace will be slowed, and you’ll wind down   while stretching to the soothing sounds of the ocean.
   Billy Ocean, that is.  [/td][/tr][/table][/td][/tr][/table]

I had a great day Wednesday. Went to a spot that was a bit smaller and not as treacherous of a paddle out. Caught a bunch of long waves. Really fun. I was psyched.

WHAT THOR PASSED AWAY? I didn't hear about that.

What would say is the best sunscreen? Any suggestions? And also where to buy it?

Oops that was from Lotusb not jscootk

I'm working on a project at work with a surf photographer in it. Does anyone have a picture or footage of a surf photographer in water or out of water? I need it pretty quick. We can talk about $ if you have anything useful. Also, big waves footage, shots. Any surfer looking at camera, maybe in water.
I need this pretty quick, like today if possible.

Probably some Rockaway cops dumping bodies. I wouldn't put it past them.

Anyone have a favorite place to stay there? Thanks!

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