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Opening in year round bungalow.
This means you get to store boards and a wetsuit, have a warm place to suit up before and hot shower after, hang and have coffee, store some  other gear.
CLOSE to the beach. PM me for details. Close to 90th street stop.

Yup, Xcel wetsuits 4mil and 5mil Medium Tall
2 4mil Infinity wetsuits, no repairs, used, 49$ each

2 5mil Drylocks with some sealing done on seams. 30$ each

1 Infinity 5 mil no repairs 49$

It's nice, it's heated, it's got history, it's got a space for you if you are the right fit.
A place in Rock to store your board/wetsuit and some gear, you can suit up in warmth, come back to a nice place to shower, warm up, hang out. You share the space with 7 other surfers. Makes dawn patrols before work, and sessions in the snow a LOT nicer.


I have some Xcel wetsuits all size - Medium Tall {MT}, used, clean. 4-3 X flex X zip 50$ 4-3 Infiniity Comp 60$5-4 Drylock 50$ one repair 5-4 Drylock 50$ 6-5-4 Infinity 50$7 mil Drylock Boots size 12 30$

I have some suits that have seen some seasons, probably 2 seasons each. I tend to buy a suit almost every year and relegate last years suit to backup and throw that third string suit in the closet. Some have repairs. Always rinsed with fresh water and dried well. They don't stink.

Excel all sized Medium Tall - MT
6 mil Infinity 50$
5 mil Drylock 50$
5 mil Infinity 50$
4 mil Infinity 25$
3 mil Drylock 25$

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Three Boards
« on: July 25, 2015, 02:30:00 PM »
Roberts Mutant 6'0" - 280$
6' X 20 3/4" X 2 9/16"
 36.8 liters volume

Ricky Carroll round pin, length 6'6" - width- 19.25" thickness 2.5" very clean $250

RC Rocket Fish -200$
 6'4" x 20" x 2 1/2"
 some normal pressure dents a few very minor repaired dings.

Hello and welcome to all the wonderful new members of this board with interesting names! We have: pqpscheqe, ukcatomql, npsjgovhx......I look forward to hearing from you!  :o 

Firewire Alternator Surfboard
 6'4" x 19.5" x 2.5"
 No actual dings, a few pressure dents, bit of yellowing.
 Comes with really nice FCS pro-core fiberglass fins

RC round pin, length 6'6" - width- 19.25" thickness 2.5"
 In very good condition, few heel dents on deck one tiny repair on bottom.
 Set of stock fins included.

Length - 6 foot
 Width - 21"
 Thickness 2.5"
 RC Hemi Model, kind of a fish shape with a round tail, more maneuverable, really fun board.
 Custom board with Charlie Brown sweater design.
 Some pressure dents and a few small repaired dings.
 5 boxes can be ridden as quad or thruster, comes with fins

I noticed that it seemed that when I do pushups, it seemed like the method of exhaling on the push and inhaling on the recovery made me out of breath and felt like i was hyperventilating. So, I tried just breathing slow and steady through the push and recovery and sure enough I actually could do more before having to rest and was less out of breath. I think the exhale on exertion inhale on recovery method probably applies more to lower rep/higher weight  exercises, like under 15 or even less. This test I did even applied to push-ups with my feet elevated {more challenge}. Anybody have any ideas about this? 

A lotta swell already on Waimea buoy, but it's straight North angle which isn't good for Haleiwa from what I've gathered. Of course maybe at that size/period a good amount gets in there? I'm no expert on Haleiwa, or the North shore in general for that matter, but I think that spot likes some West in the angle. Oh well, I'm so freaking busy at work lately it's hard to sneak in watching contests anyway....

Wave Height (WVHT): 19.0 ft
5-day plot - Dominant Wave PeriodDominant Wave Period (DPD):  17 sec
5-day plot - Average PeriodAverage Period (APD):12.8 sec
5-day plot - Mean Wave DirectionMean Wave Direction (MWD):  N ( 353 deg tr

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