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Seacliff himself {the man who runs this website}, and his son, Grom were members of this historic Rockaway bungalow. The Sand Flea force runs strong in this place. If it doesn't make you surf better, it will at least make you weird enough that you'll get more waves from just your vibe alone.   

It's nice, it's heated, it's got history, it's got a space for you if you are the right fit.
A place in Rock to store your board/wetsuit and some gear, you can suit up in warmth, come back to a nice place to shower, warm up, hang out. You share the space with 7 other surfers. Makes dawn patrols before work, and sessions in the snow a LOT nicer.

I have never tried the hand paddles.
My version of a drag suit is to wear surf baggies, that feels like a lotta drag to me after the speedo jammers.

The Surfline routines are what I based mine on so you can work from there.
I like to do over unders, which is swim 25 freestyle come back under water. Or the other way, swim down under water come back freestyle. These things prepare you physically and mentally for hold downs and situations you encounter in more intense surf.
One should be careful and have a spotter if you do sets of underwater stuff.
If you push it things can go wrong.
A regular for me is:
500yd medium pace warm up
10 X 100yd 1:50 interval
10 X 50yd 50 - 55 sec interval 
6 over - unders or under - overs 20 -30 sec rest between
300-400 cool-down swim {freestyle, maybe some backstroke}

Dorado likes Ladder routines, I do them too sometimes, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, increasing in speed, shortening time as you go, then back up, not my favorite, but good for ya, 3000 yard swim total. 

Let me know if you want a little routine to start with to make things interesting and push yourself a bit.

Hey @Looseness, would you mind posting that routine here?  I would love to get your advice on surf specific swim programs.   

I've seen the most benefit to my surfing when I focus on sprints and using hand paddles.  Distance has been great to solidify my baseline fitness, but to improve my paddle power getting into waves I've been focusing on harder shorter sprints.

First thing, let me take a moment to explain interval training for those who may not know. 
You do a set of sprints, you give yourself an allotted amount of time to do the sprint and recover before starting the next sprint.
So, I'm not real fast {getting old sucks}, right now I do 10 X 100 yards at 1:50 interval meaning, I swim the 100 yards in about 1:30, rest for 20 seconds and do the next 100, 10 times. It's fairly easy at first, but by the end i'm sucking wind and working to make the 1:30 time.   
If I swim a lot and get faster, I drop the total interval time to 1:45 so I'm still working hard, gotta come in at 1:25 to get 20 seconds rest.
I do {10X} 50 yard sprints on a 50 -55 second interval, only 10-15 seconds rest depending how fast i swim.
Just swimming 100 and resting 20 seconds doesn't keep you honest and push you. The interval method keeps you honest and SERIOUSLY helps you by teaching your body to recover quickly. So not only do you get stronger from the sprinting, you may be able to spin and take that wave you luck into right after paddling out instead of having to paddle over it. So figure out what your pace is, and try the interval method. If you ain't sucking wind by the 7th or 8th 100, you're giving yourself too much time, going to slow, shorten the interval.
I'll put up a routine soon, I gots work to actually work. 


I was on the beach for the last two days of it. It was epic.

You guys who give a brown trout about what other people are wearing at what point in the year {other than backward suits and such} crack me up. Yeah I paddled out on Tuesday with no boots, gloves or hood. My hands and feet got cold. I'm over 50,  when i was younger I was a dumbass and surfed til my hands turned got cold and sometimes blue  with light to no gloves/boots on and now have some kind of capillary damage from that and my extremities get cold really easily. Lotta people have ear issues from cold air and water and want to  not have their ears drilled out to not be deaf. So now I wear brown trout that you think is unnecessary this point. Do I get in your way, not likely, am I an asshole in the lineup? That's sometimes debatable, but usually I think I get along pretty well with my fellow surfers, and did this last swell. I try to be cool in the water.
So yeah, I was wearing 5mil boots and 3 mil gloves this swell. I caught and made waves, got beatings, didn't Fuck up anyone else's rides. Don't think I snaked or dropped in on one person. Winning!

Yeah agree with Dorado, it's gonna take me a few more days to start bumming out. I am beat up and recovering from my staycations {both weeks/swells}. Basically surf trip waves at my home break. So many good sessions, so stoked.
Now I can catch up on a bunch of things I need/want to do. And tomorrow back in the pool or gym to be ready for the next run of swell. It will come, I WILL BE READY.

Last day of Summer is September 21.
We shall see what Fall produces I guess. I personally love Nor Easter swells.

Right of way = Musclebound crazy dude > Semi pro local ripper with group of other rippers > SUP > Old Schooly Log > Lone Shortboard ripper > Long fisher > fun shaper > Everyone else.

Person who can grab a board and toss people off while still maintaining momentum?

Maybe overdid it with two sessions yesterday. Feeling sore today. Some of the best waves I have seen in a while...

Two Sessions?

I'm happy about yesterday, but someone tell me why I didn't go to Jersey today?

Surfed for a few hrs with seb at his much fun. Got out and was walking back to my car, ran into fm and he talked me into going back out. The wind was really on it, surprisingly I caught my best wave 2nd session. Really really feeling it today though...

Seb has a spot?  ::) Shall we call it Seb's? I think I know where it is....wait til I tell Dorado that Seb get's his own spot!

I haven't run over 4.5 yet....I imagine i could pull off 9. I surfed for around 8 hours the other day catching I have no idea how many waves.   

I scored North NJ with Dorado, FMboros, and later on the Lone Surfer.
REALLY good. Still stoked and replaying some waves in my head. It's fun to surf front-side once in a while, I'm regular foot.