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Hell yeah! Nice shots and good surfing!

Opening in year round bungalow.
This means you get to store boards and a wetsuit, have a warm place to suit up before and hot shower after, hang and have coffee, store some  other gear.
CLOSE to the beach. PM me for details. Close to 90th street stop.

Winter is coming

Yup, Xcel wetsuits 4mil and 5mil Medium Tall
2 4mil Infinity wetsuits, no repairs, used, 49$ each

2 5mil Drylocks with some sealing done on seams. 30$ each

1 Infinity 5 mil no repairs 49$

Bump. Still open starts for November!

Still open. Talk to me.

Seacliff himself {the man who runs this website}, and his son, Grom were members of this historic Rockaway bungalow. The Sand Flea force runs strong in this place. If it doesn't make you surf better, it will at least make you weird enough that you'll get more waves from just your vibe alone.   

It's nice, it's heated, it's got history, it's got a space for you if you are the right fit.
A place in Rock to store your board/wetsuit and some gear, you can suit up in warmth, come back to a nice place to shower, warm up, hang out. You share the space with 7 other surfers. Makes dawn patrols before work, and sessions in the snow a LOT nicer.

i'm not keeping track of anything these days......
I know I swim at least twice a week, not less than 2000 and up to 2700yds or so, I do about one {sometimes two} 4 mile run a week, and a couple strength training thingies.....oh and fairly regular 15 minute -20 minute yoga sessions. And I surf when there are decent waves. I've been doing this same brown trout for years....i suppose i could estimate based on that list but I'm lazy in that aspect.

Just DP, but I bet it was fun in the evening as the period/size stretched out a touch.

He deserves an award for acting and improv.

A board with the appropriate amount of rocker for the wave also helps greatly.

Some of the new "regular guy" boards have flat overall rocker but some flip in the nose which helps with this {steep wave} scenario.

I have never tried the hand paddles.
My version of a drag suit is to wear surf baggies, that feels like a lotta drag to me after the speedo jammers.

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