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Again people, water finds its way. No gate system, no 1000 foot wall will stop water. Get a clue, get a grip. Fight for what works. More money to RAISE homes, that's it. remember we live here for its beauty, wait till you see your new beach.  Your gonna love it, especially when you have to wear shoes to walk on it. Lol

So a friend of mine rides these boards. He's been trying to get me on one since last year. I have seen some of the nicest waves ever ridden by anyone, anywhere ever, these last two weeks. He rides a 6'6" Stoker V with a few tweaks.  Again some of the prettiest surfing I have ever seen. So much so he convinced me and is getting me one. Between 7' and 7'6". Fast clean lines, long drawn out carves. I can't wait for mine. So back to your question, send an email to the shaper ask his opinion. Tell him what you ride now and also tell him your skill level ( be honest ). He'll most undoubtley tell you which way to go. But man when surfed correctly, just farking beautiful.

It was everything you saw on the cam.

The Recovery Room / Re: West End Beach Walls ?
« on: May 13, 2013, 12:30:05 PM »
erosion.  erosion  erosion.  but thats ok because we have the ACOE here to dump all the sand needed. its a sad time on the south shore of long island. the protect me mentality is going to cause more harm than good in the long run. people need to realize that nothing can be done to stop water from coming. it finds its way. THE BIGGEST problem about these walls though is this: when another storm like sandy comes the sand will be built up on the south side of these walls, then the water will take said sand down the beach and out to sea. What everyone needs to realize is the fact that the sand was able to flow north with the water and settle in our streets was the biggest blessing the city had, we were able to pick it up, sift it and put it back on our beach. Remember mount sandy that was on the superblock, now imagine all of that sand taken out to sea, now picture our beaches without that sand. HORRIBLE right. i reached out to surfrider and unfortunately most of the central li chapters board live here in LB, so their interests are skewed and not willing to do anything. Like i said its a bad time on the south shore

for undisclosed reasons huh?  thats pretty lame, they are the best on the island and they are all really, really good people.  If you have an issue with any of them its probably all on you. Knucklehead. if you cant do it yourself, you should do us all a favor and stay out of the water. stay in brooklyn.

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