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Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Seeking a Bonzer 5 !
« on: September 27, 2019, 05:29:05 PM »

CB or Hanel
Seeing whats out there.... 8)

Hey I'm trying to fund some Much needed winter wetsuit gear so I'm throwing out a killer little Futures combo pack that includes a Scarfini twin fin and trailer setup in Excellent condition- think MR/semi keel mix- flat foil and really rad in a fish or thruster.
I've run these as twins alone in my JC Flying Fish and they Fly!

Actual fins are grey and clear- way cooler 8)

Also a set of brand new Futures SB3- 3.25" you run as quad rears in Thermotech - I love them cause they're solid but flex just enough to slide that tail in a top turn.

If you're sitting on a 5 fin Futures box boards you now have a 3 combo option- You're Stoked!

Proceeds to go towards a good 5/4 so I'm sorry no trades and can't haggle on price, but this is a solid deal.

Text me 401-408-5729 for actual pics or email me - [email protected] - which is also my Paypal

Hope this finds everyone stoked and someone can nab this deal.

Please help my friend find this board! Really killer guy, got $ locked and loaded.
Located in New England but not afraid to travel- ask Trent17  8) [size=78%]-, and have friends down that way that can grab it. [/size]
Anyone holding?

Thanks for the help

Looking for a set of 4 lokbox bonzer side fins. Anyone holding?
Located in RI
Thanks for your time and hoping this finds you all geared and Stoked for whats coming!

Snagged a 6'2 CB Russ Short off Trent17 here and need help getting it at least part way up to me?
I'm in RI and wondering if anyone is traveling up this way and could help.
That board needs to be in this swell.
I'll compensate with whatever you may need.
Help a brothers wish come true!

Hit me up - [email protected]

or call/text 401-408-5279

Thanks for your time and Energy here- Keeping hope alive


I scored a really rad 6'2 Russ Short bonzer off Trent17 in Long Island and was wondering if anyone from out there is coming up New England way in the next few days - weekend - and could help with transport?

I'm in RI but even Connecticut would be a Massive favor. I know peoples love them Ferries!

I'll sponsor your boat ticket back as thanks.

Hit me here or text/call 401-408-5729 - Thanks!



Posting for a friend. Board is ding free and has minor deck pressures. Killer deal if you've always wanted to fly one and this is in your size. I could possibly help with delivery if/when I end up snagging a board in LI.

These MR twins+trailers f%$#ing Rip, but they are way more at home in fast moving beach break than the rocky point breaks we have up here. The only reason he's selling is the board is Way too good to just have sitting.
Give him through craigs or me a shout here.

check out MR talking in the video. The one in the vid is a glass in twin and the one my buddy has comes with the trailer option for really incredible hold in Solid surf.
Best of all worlds with these boards.
I'm just glad it's not my size cause I would buy it, and then end up selling it for the exact same reason he is.

Hope someone scores this.


The Greenough Wilderness is a super underrated single fin with tons of drive and speed- dude, it's Greenough.
Got a set of really nice fiberglass FCS 3.7 True Ames side bites. Run all 3 in a kick ASS 2+1 set up or the Greenough as a single and upgrade your old embarrassing side bites with some thing legit.

$50 shipped- for all 3!- they are in near mint condition - baby paint scuff on trailing tip of FCS side bite. Smooth, purely cosmetic. 

Will trade for a set of FCS Mark Richards twins or CI twins.

First one with legit trade or $50 Paypal takes the trio.


Buddy of mine is selling and thought I would help him along especially since he's going to be in Suffolk County NY this weekend and can bring the board with.
It's a killer deal on a 9/10 condition Christenson, and a chance to have it delivered. Perfect cold water/heavier suit dims and you Know you saw guys grabbing mad waves on a fish this last swell and just Flying.
Skip Frye rails and plan shape. An all around Killer board and good deal.

His description - 6 0 Chris Christenson Keel Fish. Clear sanded w/deck patch.9/10 condition. Couple shallow heelies. $500Sick board. Tons of drive with sharp down rails- a scalpel

now $450 with a Bag!


I bought the Birch Pintail from Finglesin on here and my connection to pick it up fell through! Here is the post on the other sub forum here.
I hope everyone is Scoring and thanks for your time looking at this. If I can ever hook up or help someone let me know. Thanks for the consideration


Hey all, my name is Keith and I live up in RI. Have spent most of my- All of - my time here in the Buy/Sell area of the forum where I have bought and sold a couple few boards from members here - Most recently I sold a 5'8 Brom fish and had a Gary Hanel bonzer up for sale-

Anyway...I snagged a 7'0 Chris Birch singlefin

and was wondering if anyone might be making the trip up from Rockaway/Atlantic Beach to RI and may have room. 
Possible longshot but with all the NY plates in the lots for the hurricanes and most everyone i've met here being pretty killer, I figured it's worth a shot.
Ain't got much to offer except East Coast aloha and getting you dialed into the right spot for the swell/wind conditions when you get here.

Thanks for your time- Email me [email protected]  or PM me here.

Appreciated and hope everyone down there is Scoring.

Looking to trade up a set of Mint condition True Ames Al Merrick Twins - FCS1 - and solid glass trailer fin - minor scuff on top -

Anyone have a set , don't have to be great condition just decent and functional- of Chris Birch quad fins in Futures or Futures Controllers they're done with and want something really solid for that old FCS board.

Huck some life and Speed into that old thruster you Love but don't ride anymore!]

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