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Free flick about DK and his family. Watching now, but reviews thus far have been stellar!

Off the Market.

Fins are going to a grom who got ripped off in a board sale. He saved up for months and the guy shipped the board not only dinged up, but with no fins.
I got a buddy who is doing pro level repairs for the kid and I threw in these fins and he'll be up and ripping this weekends swell.

Stoke all around!
Thanks for everyones time and energy here.

F&%$ me running- That Hoyte is killer.  8)  glass in 101's just put it over the top. Sick board!

Oh man, if that didn't do it, check this outtake footage fro Psychic Migrations- Burch is on one - pink obviously- going backside and the board just Rips.
I know he's a killer surfer but watching how that thing projects and when those rails engage the Hold and speed through the turns.
Sorry man.
It's such a sick sick sick and Rare board.
All the focus with Burch has been on the Squit, his traditional fish, but this is definitely a Gem.

Isla de Algas - Psychic Migrations Cutting Room Floor | Volcom


Posting for a friend. Board is ding free and has minor deck pressures. Killer deal if you've always wanted to fly one and this is in your size. I could possibly help with delivery if/when I end up snagging a board in LI.

These MR twins+trailers f%$#ing Rip, but they are way more at home in fast moving beach break than the rocky point breaks we have up here. The only reason he's selling is the board is Way too good to just have sitting.
Give him through craigs or me a shout here.

check out MR talking in the video. The one in the vid is a glass in twin and the one my buddy has comes with the trailer option for really incredible hold in Solid surf.
Best of all worlds with these boards.
I'm just glad it's not my size cause I would buy it, and then end up selling it for the exact same reason he is.

Hope someone scores this.

Any interest in a Moonlight Glassed custom 6'7 x 21 x 2 7/8 bonzer5 and the donated organ of your choice?
Sick, sick board man.

These collabs right now are being test ridden all over the North Shore right now by CI team riders and others. Film footage will soon follow. It's a proven design that just hasn't gained popularity due to non commercial exposure. Look what happened to the Fish after Tom Curren rode Derek Hynds in one segment of Sonny Millers- Searching for Tom Curren.
Ask anyone if they would have could have held on to their Lis that they sold back before that.

Will my board become more valuable in a monetary sense? Perhaps, but not what I'm looking for. It will become more valuable in the sense that the bonzer design information will be more readily available to the public, making it more easily Understood, and finally someone who does understand it and has ridden it will get what I've got. They'll be Stoked on it. That's what I've ever been about. Passing on good Energy.
Wouldn't mind getting a really great trade out of the deal now either. A really Rare bonzer/thruster in this condition, amazing planshape and balanced rocker, handshaped by Malcolm Campbell, glassed at Moonlight, ice blue foiled perfect rails, and vintage bonzer lam? All in one screaming fast, super stable, carve and fly step up board?

*edit- totally forgot the pulled in wing baby swallow tail. {ictures don't do this board Any justice. And seeing it is one thing but once you lift it and feel the genuine weight of a well glassed old school board, you'll get it.

I've had almost every model bonzer from the Campbell Brothers under my feet at one time or another. They all go absolutely unreal, and have remained quiet and underground with a loyal following for years. Malcolm is a quiet, humble, stoked filled artist/craftsman who deserves the recognition, and good fortune both karma and financially, he's hopefully about to have heaped upon him, Duncan as well. Malcolm still travels round the world shaping and sharing. I Believe in the Campbell Brothers. Stoked for them.   

Bump up for a really rare and really Sick board. Just spoke with Gary about it as information on the design is limited and it is a board that likes a good wave with some push, but then can handle Well overhead+ waves with precision, speed and Control. If you're here or have a buddy who is looking for a good wave board and is considering a Lost or Channel Islands that you're going to spend $700+(finless) and is going to be heel dent beaten to Shite in a couple months, quit now and go check out or score this board. Carbon stringerless= positive flex, lightweight and Bombproof. Fast fast fast with hold hold Hold.
If you Travel to surf, this covers you Insanely as well. I would be all over this but have a couple boards for this purpose already. Don't let the 2 3/4 fool you. Foiled out. I saw a 2 5/8 Entity and was floored. All under the chest and medium to low performance rails like I've never seen.
Lastly these boards pack volume without being corky so dudes can grab a higher volume board then they usually would and not suffer traditional corkiness/performance loss.
Good luck to whomever is smart enough to move on this.
$600 with fins? is a Really rad deal.
Someone is going to Score here.


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