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Right on!  8)

I remember that one. - tan deck/brown resin swirl bottom? Cool board and will keep it in mind.

If its another one hit me up!

or anyone with something 401-600-1806


oh man, I searched 6'6 bonzer and this came up-


Giving this the 200 view bump and then letting it drift into the ether.

Not stolen, I'm seeking it ever since I missed it for sale at Enlighten. It is in my thoughts and visions day and night. Owner can name his price.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated and reciprocated if someone needs something from the RI/New England area brought down.


Thanks to all for your Time and Energy!


Thanks man, it's actually mine that I'm selling.
It is really rad but at 161lbs the 2 11/16 even foiled out is a touch too much for me. I should be on 2 1/2 for sure.
Someone in the 180 category is going to Shred this thing.

I would straight up trade it bag, new fin and all for this board-

I know its floating around somewhere down there just Waiting for me. Cosmic connection.



The Dream!

Pulled in nose, e-wing, classic Russ Short color and pins-

Anyone tight with JP over at Surfy Surfy!?
or Jacob over in Hawaii?

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Seeking a Bonzer 5 !
« on: September 27, 2019, 05:29:05 PM »

CB or Hanel
Seeing whats out there.... 8)

Off the Market.

Fins are going to a grom who got ripped off in a board sale. He saved up for months and the guy shipped the board not only dinged up, but with no fins.
I got a buddy who is doing pro level repairs for the kid and I threw in these fins and he'll be up and ripping this weekends swell.

Stoke all around!
Thanks for everyones time and energy here.

Actual pics text 401-408-5729

Email and Paypal are [email protected]

If you read all 3 of these pages together they make a semi coherent ad for a really good deal.

WTF with the tiny type?


These are the Scarfini fins-

actual fins are grey and clear

The other part of this deal is a set of Futures SB3's in thermotech to run as quad rears. They're only 3.25" flat foiled inside and canted Perfectly so they stabilize the rip into turns but with the thermotech they flex juuuust enough for that killer slide off the top.

Please text 401-408-5729 for actual pics

My email and Paypal are [email protected]

Sorry I can't take trades or haggle cause funds are going for a much much much needed 5/4 for this cold water kid.
it is a really great package deal.

Thanks and hope this finds everyone stoked and geared for some clean winter swell!

Hey I'm trying to fund some Much needed winter wetsuit gear so I'm throwing out a killer little Futures combo pack that includes a Scarfini twin fin and trailer setup in Excellent condition- think MR/semi keel mix- flat foil and really rad in a fish or thruster.
I've run these as twins alone in my JC Flying Fish and they Fly!

Actual fins are grey and clear- way cooler 8)

Also a set of brand new Futures SB3- 3.25" you run as quad rears in Thermotech - I love them cause they're solid but flex just enough to slide that tail in a top turn.

If you're sitting on a 5 fin Futures box boards you now have a 3 combo option- You're Stoked!

Proceeds to go towards a good 5/4 so I'm sorry no trades and can't haggle on price, but this is a solid deal.

Text me 401-408-5729 for actual pics or email me - [email protected] - which is also my Paypal

Hope this finds everyone stoked and someone can nab this deal.

Fantastic board.

Please help my friend find this board! Really killer guy, got $ locked and loaded.
Located in New England but not afraid to travel- ask Trent17  8) [size=78%]-, and have friends down that way that can grab it. [/size]
Anyone holding?

Thanks for the help

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